Eldorado Park Residents Say Julius’s Crime was Being Khoisan

Eldorado Park residents want justice for the death of Nathaniel Julius. Furthermore, the community denies gangsterism in the area. Interestingly, police say Julius was caught in gangster crossfire. Importantly, residents say they are targets through racial bias against Khoisan.

Eldorado Park want justice

Eldorado Park resident Annette Dippenaar says, “a sweet little boy was shot in cold blood while eating a biscuit.” Moreover, Dippenaar says, “Julius was thrown into the back of the police van and taken to Chis Hani Hospital.” Additionally, Julius’s father, who witnessed the incident, followed the SAPS vehicle to the hospital.

Sadly, on arrival, hospital staff said his son had died as a result of several bullet wounds to his chest and leg. Importantly, shortly after the incident, Dippenaar says, “a SAPS vehicle arrived at the scene of the crime, instead of securing it for forensics, police collected cartridges and covered up the blood.” Additionally, no witnesses have been questioned.

Interestingly, the police say they were looking for a suspect dealing in stolen parts. Furthermore, the police say Julius failed to respond to questions and was mistaken for a gangster.

Police are the problem

Dippenaar says this is not the first time SAPS shoot before asking questions. Apparently, in an incident three years ago, police stormed a home following a dispute between neighbours. Importantly, shots were fired prior to any questions being asked and a young man died. Furthermore, the mother of the young man who died was offered an apology from the police. Importantly, none of the police involved in that incident faced disciplinary investigations.

Moreover, residents of Eldorado park say the police are rude and insulting. According to Dippenaar, the Khoisan, as coloured South African’s prefer to be called, are not treated with any respect. “We are second rate citizens in the new South Africa.” Moreover, on the day of Julius’s death, community leader, Majiete went to the police station to lodge a complaint. Apparently, Majiete was arrested. As a result, he is being held in the Orlando police station. Importantly, Keith Duarte, an upstanding member of the community says an apology [from Bheki Cele] is insufficient. Unsurprisingly, Duarte says the residents in Eldorado Park are not the problem, the police, under Brigadier Van Dyk are the problem.

IPID has arrested two officers for the shooting. Dippenaar says, “If this was a white or a black child would he have been shot for not answering a question?” Khoisan people feel they are targets for the police. Furthermore, they feel unjustly treated and overlooked in South Africa. What do you think? Have your say.

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