Sun City re-opens

Sun City Survived 150-Day Lockdown Without Staff Cutbacks

Sun City re-opens on Wednesday, September 2nd. While international travel remains banned, the famous fun destination relies for the time being on local tourists. The tourism industry took a hard knock during the coronavirus lockdowns. But, Sun City managed to survive it without staff cutbacks. The place underwent restructuring and most staff remained on hand as they prepared for the new normal post-COVID-19.

Sun City opens – cabin fever’s expected to bring visitors

We reported back in early June, that many South Africans dreamed about the end of severe restrictions. Actually, Sun City and Gold Reef City ranked high on their list of things to do. While few people can afford to stay at The Palace of the Lost City, other hotels cater more for families. According to a report by eNCA, “cabin fever’s” likely to bring local visitors to the splendid destination.

Naturally, until international travel resumes, the resort relies only on local visitors. So, they’re not in the clear yet. During the long lockdown period, they made good use of their staff. Looking to the day when they could re-open, Sun City restructured its workforce into two teams. Plus, for example, some of the changes to the facilities actually brought in people with a “different skill set.” For example, remote conferencing comes along.

Staff was not cut back as they prepared for the new normal

The outlet noted that “Josiah Montsho, General Manager at one of the resort’s hotels reassured that the safety protocols will be adhered to.” The hotels removed many of those “touch” conveniences. Plus, all activities come with new levels of restrictions. Specifically, the pool will only allow a certain number of people at a time. After their allocated time’s up, filtering makes the water safe for the next batch of holiday-makers.

Expect lots of health and safety protocols and swathes of hand sanitizer. All their staff were carefully trained and prepared for reopening. That’s to make your visit as safe as possible. Screening takes place when you arrive there and masks are considered essential. The news report by eNCA suggests that more facilities re-open in a phased way. So enquiring via their website might be a good idea. One thing we know that’s available is the Pilansberg Game Reserve. The Big 5 reserve’s a huge drawcard.

The tourism industry suffered so badly during the lockdowns, that many people feared their favorite destinations might not make it through. But, Sun City managed it, thankfully without impacting harshly on staff levels.

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