South African politics

South African Politics Heat Up Over Weekend

South African politics got heated this weekend. A new political party launched and Ramaphosa flexed newfound muscle on the last weekend of August. Interestingly, South African politics, whilst never dull, hit two new highs over the last two days.

Ramaphosa flexes newfound muscle

Possibly, on the back of worldwide disgust at the recent exposure of COVID-19 corruption, the ANC rally behind their president. Furthermore, an article published by Bloomberg talked about an ouster attempt. They reported that an “ouster attempt was [allegedly] made during a three-day meeting of the African National Congress’s top leadership.” Furthermore, it seems that the President’s foes are not as powerful as they thought.

Importantly, according to ANC member and former lawmaker, Joanmariae Fubbs, “[Ramaphosa is] in a stronger position as leader of the party and the country … [he] has the room … and must act decisively … to deal with corrupt and errant members of his cabinet.”

Furthermore, a letter supposedly penned by Former President Jacob Zuma accused Ramaphosa of being funded by WMC. Seemingly, this attempt to embarrass and humiliate Ramaphosa backfired. Importantly, Ramaphosa, in offering to appear before the ANC’s integrity committee cowed his opponents. Additionally, unconfirmed reports point to a possible Cabinet reshuffle.

Herman Mashaba launches new political party

Action SA is the newest political party in South Africa. Moreover, led by Herman Mashaba, former Mayor of Johannesburg, Action SA hopes to shake up South African politics.

Mashaba aims to contest the municipal elections in 2021. Importantly, his respected ethics during his Mayorship of Johannesburg bodes well for a possible win in Gauteng in 2021. Furthermore, Mashaba calls for capable and ethical governance. Additionally, he intends upgrading education, citing it as a failure under the ANC.

South Africans quickly debated the merits of Action SA.

Moreover, Action SA, only two days old, already galvanizes Twitterati. They speak up, but not everyone sounds positive.

Importantly, South African’s woke up to a stronger leader in the ANC and an interesting new political party on Monday. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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