Zimbabwe Jacob Ngarivhume

Zimbabwe: Bail Granted to Chin’ono’s fellow Accused Jacob Ngarivhume

Zimbabwe: Jacob Ngarivhume is granted bail of $50 000. Meanwhile, Lawyers are anxious and hoping to secure co-accused Chin’ono’s release on bail as he is ill. Lawyer Doug Coltart, says Chin’ono experiences COVID-19 symptoms.

Zimbabwe – Ngarivhume granted bail today

Ngarihume is out on bail. Additionally, co-accused, Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono is unwell. Lawyer, Doug Coltart says he is extremely concerned about Chin’ono’s health. Moreover, a doctor confirmed Chin’ono’s symptoms indicate COVID-19. Furthermore, according to The New York Times, prison authorities say Chin’ono is well.

Importantly, an article in the London Times today headlines the disgraceful treatment meted out to the award-winning journalist who has been denied bail three times. Interestingly, the two stand accused of inciting violence. Firstly, by posting articles highlighting the plight of the poor in Zimbabwe. Secondly, by calling for a peaceful protest on 31st July 2020. Furthermore, both were arrested prior to 31 July and remain incarcerated. Technically, Zimbabwean police prevented the protest and arrested any citizen found holding banners, including Tsitsi Dangarembga, the well-known author and filmmaker.

The lawyer expressed concern for health on Monday

Importantly, following a visit on Monday, Doug Coltart expressed concern over Chin’ono’s health.

Quickly, Twitterati responded with support for the journalist.  Gerryskill@mberenga says, “We need [to] signal Hopewell. [He] did his part for all of us. Why can’t we do ours, Are we going to just watch him die Zimbabwe manyararireiko? The dictator preys on our fears … yet the best weapon we possess is our Masses! Future will judge us cowards.”

Naturally, ZANU-PF supporters deride Chin’ono, Ndini Harare@hamburamukaka says, ” I’m sure they have a clinic for thugs in jail.” Interestingly, Ndini considers a call for peaceful protest an act of “thuggery.”

Then Pastor Evan Mawarire, himself persecuted for peaceful protest in ZImbabwe expresses his concern for Hopewell.

Meanwhile, Hopewell Chin’on’s supporters await news of his fourth bail hearing anxiously.

Interestingly, ZANU-PF supporters claim Ngarivhume’s bail proves Zimbabwe maintains the rule of law. However, Zimbabwe’s Human Rights Forum disagree posting about a silent protest taking place this morning outside the courts.

Seemingly, Hopewell Chin’ono’s crime is requesting fair treatment for all Zimbabweans. What do you think? Have your say.

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