Anti Corruption in South Africa

Anti-Corruption Anger: Is It Decreasing South Africa’s Racial Divide? (Opinion)

Anti-corruption trends on social media indicate a meeting point for all races in South Africa. Just as the Football World Cup 2010 and Rugby World Cup 2020 united the nation, so too is disgust at corruption.

Anti-Corruption anger rises

Passionate South African’s unite in anger over the level of corruption in the country. Furthermore, whilst apartheid tore at the majority’s souls, ANC corruption rips out the moral fabric of society causing devastation. As a result, citizens face high unemployment, job losses, lack of accountability, and lack of delivery depriving the poor of basic human rights.

Additionally, officials take every opportunity for self-enrichment as highlighted during the global pandemic of COVID-19.COVID-19 exacerbates and highlights ongoing disregard for the people of South Africa. Possibly, Ace Magashule’s total disregard for the constitution, in defence of his family cashing in on PPE is one more nail in the ANC coffin. Undoubtedly, South Africans have had enough.

Twitterati vocal in their united disgust

Many voices of all races agree that corruption’s a major disgrace to the country.


Others highlight the differences between the politicians and the poor in tweets once reserved for racial divides.

Loadshedding adds to the ANC’s woes. Importantly, COVID-19 working-from-home is hampered through load shedding.

Is there any good news?

Interestingly, the vocal anti-ANC trends appear to be uniting the nation. Sadly, little Nathaniel Julius’s death at the hands of policemen is catapulting the plight of communities feeling sidelined under the ANC. Subsequently, the Indigenous, or Khoisan community, lament ANC policy and policing, saying it undermines their humanity.

Moreover, taxpayers justifiably rant at gross misspending of pubic coffers. Currently, it seems the ANC, through abuse of power, is uniting the nation. Moreover, voting at the municipal level just got more interesting with the launch of Action SA, headed by the popular Herman Mashaba.

Furthermore, South Africans passionately fight for their rights and only COVID-19 is preventing major protests. Additionally, globally, summer decreased COVID-19 cases. Importantly, summer’s coming. Could this be the summer of #VoetsekANC?

What do you think South Africa? Have your say.

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