Jerusalema 100 million hits YouTube

‘Jerusalema’ Sensationally Surpasses 100 Million YouTube Hits

Jerusalema mania sweeps COVID-19 depression away across the world. Master KG’s hit song with singer Nomcebo Zikode makes every nation dance. Sensationally, by August 27th, the song garnered over 100 million YouTube hits.

Jerusalema surpasses 100 Million YouTube hits

Kgaogelo Moagi (24) produces music as Master KG. Together, he and Nomcebo Zikode (26) released the hit song Jerusalema on November 29 2019. Unsurprisingly, the world adopted its funky beat and beauty to batter 2020’s blues.


Historically, the Zezuru Shona people hailing from Murewa and the Pfungwe areas developed the energetic dance. Interestingly, Master KG attributes the original video for his hit song to an Angolan dance group. As a result, the whole world now celebrates Jerusalema.

Master KG has won previous awards

Furthermore, Master KG’s previous song, “Skeleton Move” won a South African music award in 2018. Unsurprisingly, and deservingly, his new number made him and Nomcebo Zikode household names worldwide. Hauntingly, Zikode’s rich voice asking God for guidance is sublimely beautiful as it’s purity floats above the wild, happy beat and dance moves.

Recently, the Minister of Sport, Art and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa honoured the musicians appointing them ambassadors of the world. Undoubtedly, the pair deserve it as the dance has everyone moving.


Everyone dances

Incredibly, the sweeping moves of the high energy Zezuru dance get duplicated globally to varying degrees of success. Additionally, no one can say 2020 has been a good year but everyone finds their feet tapping, hips rolling and faces smiling when the hearing the happy opening beat off of the song. Actually, the words sound beautiful.

Jerusalema ikhaya lami(Jerusalem is my home)
Ngilondoloze (Guard me)
Uhambe nami (Walk with me)
Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here)
Jerusalema ikhaya lami (Jerusalem is my home)
Ngilondoloze (Guard me)
Uhambe nami (Walk with me)
Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here)

The full lyrics of this beautiful song is available on Afrika Lyrics.

Fans are delighted and South Africans proud

Personally, every time I dance to Jerusalema my black colleagues collapse in giggles. Seemingly, some “white people can’t dance”.

Have you danced to Jerusalema? Does this song make you happy? Have your say SA.

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