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Small Business Owners In South Africa Can Apply For Facebook Grant

Small business owners in South Africa took hard knocks during COVID-19. In fact, some of them fear they never start up again. And, not all of them lie within the tourism or entertainment industry. Many people felt the pinch. But now, help comes from Facebook, which offers grants for ailing businesses. And, South Africans can apply. But time runs out fast.

Small business opportunity from Facebook

We reported that some people grew so fed up with the COVID-19 regulations, that some of them lost it. In fact, one business owner ranted about how they simply break the regulations if needs be. People work very hard and business owners struggle during the best of times. It takes dedication, hard work, and careful financial planning. For businesses facing potential disaster, the massive social platform reaches out with a lifeline.

If you registered your Facebook Page as a business site, you possibly already saw the notice. However, the application’s not done on the social media site but via their partners, “Deloitte Ireland LLP and Quest Computing Ltd.” The landing page reveals a place where applicants may input their country. And, the good news is, that South African owners may apply.

Grant process explained  by Facebook

The official Business grant page notes that they focus the grant on people who struggled as a result of the coronavirus. They explain, “We’ve heard that a little financial support can go a long way, so we’re offering USD 100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time.” Part of that involves allocating grants to 30k businesses across the world.

The site gives some examples of how they anticipate the grants might assist small business people. These include:

  • Keep your workforce going strong
  • Help with rent and operational costs
  • Connect with more customers
  •  Support your community

How to apply for a grant

Applicants for the grant from Facebook need to provide their “Latest annual return or business registration or business name licence or partnership agreement.” Additionally, they should  provide their most “recent financial statements.” Not everyone qualifies, so startups won’t be able to apply. They accept applications from people who employ between “2 and 50 employees.”

Small business applicants need to have been in business for more than a year. And, you should be a small business that faced challenges as a result of COVD-19. On the partner site, they carefully note that government employees and immediate family members may not apply. However, and this is vitally important, September 5, 6 PM is the date they close their application process. So, it’s not too late to scramble around and get started.

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