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Zimbabwe: Indigenous Lodge Owner Pleads For Protection From Chinese Mining

The Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and Zhongxin Mining Group Tongmao Coal Company have two permits for coal exploration in Hwange National Park. Importantly, Hwange Park is home to one of Africa’s largest elephant populations.

Zimbabwe government endangers wildlife heritage

Zimbabwe’s Environmental Law Association, along with Hwange resident, Fedelis Chima, is lodging an urgent application to prevent the exploration. Apparently, the exploration permits bypassed the ministry of environment flouting section 97 of the Environmental Management act. Moreover, it ignores section 73(b) of the constitution promoting conservation and prevention of ecological degradation.

Blessing Munyenyiwa highlights the danger

Blessing Munyenyiwa, lodge owner, conservationist and proud Zimbabwean pleads with his president to withdraw the permits. Moreover, his video not only highlights the plight of the wildlife but calls on the president to consider his grandchildren’s heritage. Additionally, Munyenyiwa respectfully reminds the president of the $5billion tourism industry the permits place at risk.

The extremely moving video highlights the natural beauty of the area. In fact, his plea seems heartfelt, genuine, and very moving. Polite but passionate, Blessing speaks directly to the president of Zimbabwe. You can watch it on FaceBook on THIS LINK

History of Environmental degradation

Historically, Chinese mining companies in Zimbabwe cut a swathe of environmental damage in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, locals complain of polluted water sources and missing livestock.  Previously, we reported, “The environmental impacts by some Chinese companies operating in Zimbabwe can only be described as catastrophic.” Furthermore, Zimbabwe has other areas, outside of the National Park where coal deposits may be mined, such as the Kamativi area.

Frantically, conservationists are calling for assistance in stopping the mining companies.

Zimbabweans and conservationists plead for the president to do the right thing and preserve the nation’s wildlife for the sake of future generations. Will it made a difference or fall on deaf ears? Sound off in the comments below.

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