Capitec double deductions

Capitec: Broke Folk Joke At Bank’s Double Deduction Error

Capitec Bank gave thousands of clients a very bad moment not when they woke up on Friday morning. Some technical glitch meant that another bank double deducted transactions. Obviously, the bank scurries to make corrections. But, for those broke folk who only hold tiny bank accounts, its a bit of a joke. On social media, South Africans laugh at themselves as only they can.

Capitec bank account holders see double deductions

Capitec managed to trend on Twitter from the early hours of Friday, September 11. That’s not always a good thing as Clicks Pharmacy could testify. EWN reported that Capitec didn’t actually make the double deduction errors. According to their report, “Capitec said that it was still trying to establish how a retailer using another bank managed to deduct transactions from Capitec account holders twice.”

On Twitter, plenty of grumpy clients complained about waking up to deductions they didn’t recall doing. One person, @Radebe_merci said, “#capitec I don’t remember waking up at 2:49am and doing a cash back at Shoprite …. kanti shoprite ayivuli ay 8am … I want my money back.” Then, @BlackSimmi, with a similar complaint noted, “#Capitec please explain this @CheckersSA. yall open by 02:30 now TF is going on.” But then, the jokes started rolling in.

Broke jokes from South Africans

South Africans are known throughout the world for laughing at themselves. And, plenty of them stepped up with this national trait on Friday. Those broke people with hardly any money at all laughed at people who experienced double deductions. @VelempiniN wrote, “I hear #Capitec is teaching y’all a good lesson, keep your balance at 0.00 like the rest of us and be stress free. Face with tears of joy

Here’s another fine example of a South African with a sense of humor: “Dankie #Capitec, someone was expecting me to take them out today and i have no moola. You saved me for a good excuse.”

Not so funny Friday for those who ‘lost’ money

Plenty more jokes poured in. But, for those who temporarily lost their money, it’s not such a funny Friday. After all, it’s FRIDAY! Although Capitec says they intend refunding every over 24 hours, that makes it Saturday before they might see their cash back in their accounts again. And, other people speculate they might get charged for the reversal.

Indeed, it’s not a funny situation at all, unless you happen to be broke already. And, the jokes from the broke keep on coming:


Definitely, it’s no laughing matter. But South Africans joke around anyway. Perhaps, that’s all that keeps them going with COVD-19, Chiefs, Clicks, and other nasty “C” words!

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