Kiyara Sewraj

Kiyara Sewraj: The Popular Style Influencer Dishes On COVID-19 Mindset

Kiyara Sewraj, well known as a popular South African fashion influencer on Instagram is so much more than that. Makeup and style combined with beauty just bring one side to this gorgeous talent. Brimful of brains as well, Kiyara’s also qualified in the architectural field and is a brand influencer with Lifestyle Marketing. Now, the inspirational woman dished on her COVID-19 mindset.

Kiyara Sewraj shares how she feels about COVID-19 lockdowns

While Caster Semenya represents women as South Africa’s golden girl on the athletic track, Kiyara meets other female aspirations. She teaches that it’s okay to be beautiful, to love makeup, dress with style, and compete in a top-class industry like architecture. These days, South African women can enjoy aspiring to success, and like Kiyara, achieve that without dumping their feminity in the bin.

As South African Style reported in 2016, Kiyara brings her persona across as “chic” and full of almost effortless style. Pretty much a self-taught makeup artist, she invented herself as an expert in that field, as well. Oh, and while we extol her virtues, don’t forget her interior design expertise. No wonder women look to her as a role model. And now, she dished on coping with the COVID-19 lockdowns.

COVID-19 – Kiyara sizes up

Ladies, rejoice. If you put on the pounds during the lockdown, you’re not alone. Even beautiful Kiyara managed to pack a few on. Taking to her Instagram on September 12th, Kiyara said, “physically Iโ€™m UP a few pants sizes.” So, that’s something she plans on addressing. But, our fashion favorite doesn’t sound too down about it. Instead, she talked about the positives.

The social Influencer went on and said, “lockdown helped me to Level-up, mentally, emotionally.” The quieter time with most people staying home meant she cancelled the “noise & outside influences.” That gave her time to “delve deep within,” and “work on [her] mental health.” The Instagram star also said that she spent a lot of time “soul” searching.

2020 – a year of ups and downs, loss and growth

Kiyara noted that “27 was a year of extreme growth, ups & downs, losses & lessons.” But right now, she feels very “content.” Elaborating, she noted, “I know who I am & who I want to be, who I want to be surrounded by & whatโ€™s most important in life.”

In fact, if you knew Kiyara before, you might not recognize the person that she became during the COVID-19 lockdown. She ended by saying, “Who I was a year ago is completely different to who Iโ€™ve become, so if we meet again…let me reintroduce myself๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฝ.”

People who saw the post agreed that everyone pretty much went up a size or two. But really, like Kiyara, will any of us come out of the lockdown the same as we were before? It seems that everyone felt some trauma, but the trick to getting our lives back might be in taking the positives from it like Kiyara Sewraj.

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