SACP on Zimbabwe refugees

SACP Argues The Crisis In Zimbabwe’s Self-Evident, No Need For Trips There

South Africa’s Communist Party (SACP) says there is definitely a crisis in Zimbabwe. Speaking in a party online plenary session, Party Secretary, Bonginkosi Emmanuel Blade Nzimande says the crises is obvious.

SACP says there is a crisis in Zimbabwe

Furthermore, Nzimande says the ANC’s attitude amounts to a “denial of the self-evident truth”. Continuing, the Central Committee expresses “solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe.” Moreover, he suggests ANC officials need not go to Zimbabwe to assess the situation. Correctly, he adds, one only needs to visit an informal settlement in South Africa to understand the crisis in Zimbabwe.

South Africa has an unspecified number of Zimbabwean refugees. Importantly, research indicates figures from 1 to 5 million with a number of variations in between. Additionally, they are undocumented and unprotected. Subsequently, unless the ANC and SADC apply pressure to the ZANU-PF lead government, the problem will not go away.


Informal settlements house Zimbabweans

Importantly, the northern border of South Africa is insecure. Furthermore, a quick walk over the Limpopo River to taxis results in the anonymity of sprawling Johannesburg within eight hours. Moreover, Zimbabweans are prepared to turn their hand to almost anything to make a living for their families.

Interestingly, Robert Mugabe dropped brick making machines off in every rural area of Zimbabwe in the early 1980s, “Make your bricks. Build your schools and I will send you teachers,” he promised. Moreover, it was a promise Mugabe kept resulting in several decades of well-educated people. Unfortunately, the economy failed to keep pace with the graduates and they left for greener pastures.

Zimbabwe is a failed state

Subsequently, Nzimande correctly points out that Zimbabweans “… have had to come to South Africa to make a living because of the crisis … there.” Additionally, he says the impact of illegal refugees in South Africa raises competition for local people in the job market.

Furthermore, Zimbabwean journalist, Noreen Welch regularly describes hardships facing Zimbabweans every day. Indeed, her latest Facebook post mentions “pregnant women alone in hospitals to give birth”. Moreover, she says there is little to no water in urban areas. Lamentably, she states “This is the toll that two decades of economic mismanagement have taken on a nation once considered one of Africa’s shining stars.”


Importantly, disappearances are common amongst anyone challenging the status quo. Moreover, arrests are common on loosely termed crimes, hence Hopewell Chin’ono faces charges for telling the truth. Undoubtedly, there is a crisis in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a fertile land of promise. Unfortunately, mismanagement over two decades renders it impossible to live in for many. Assuredly, the South African Communist Party is correct – if there was no crisis, there would be no Zimbabwean refugees in South Africa.

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