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ZANU-PF And ANC Misunderstand Each Other

ZANU-PF, the governing party in Zimbabwe, seemingly fails to grasp the basics of Democracy. Typically, the dictionary states: “Democracy. A system of government by the whole population or all eligible members of a state. Typically, through elected representatives.”

ANC & ZANU differ in understanding of democracy

According, to Zim-Eye, 16th September, Zimbabwe’s State Media issued a statement via ZANU-PF, Director for Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi. Interestingly, ZANU-PF says the ANC should “focus [their] attention on matters affecting South Africans”. Scathingly, they lament the ANC interference in insisting on addressing opposition parties and civic organisations. Subsequently, ZANU-PF claims the ANC is planning “to seek to verify our submissions through puppet movements.” Interestingly, ZANU-PF view opposition parties, journalists, Lawyers for Human Rights and civil society as “puppets”.Β 

ZANU-PF won the first election in Zimbabwe in 1981. Subsequently, opposition parties and their supporters have been persecuted. Conversely, South Africa has a wide range of opposition parties with loud voices and freedom of speech. Additionally, the ANC, are aware they could lose the next election in South Africa as citizens are tired of corrupt officials.

ZANU-PF lambast ANC

Moreover, the longstanding comradery fabric of former freedom fighters appears to be tearing. Importantly, ZANU-PF not only fails to understand democracy, but they fail to understand the enormity of the Zimbabwean refugee problem in South Africa. Zimbabwe’s problems are South Africa’s problems. Accusingly, Zimbabwe claims the first meeting with the ANC reminded South Africa of Zimbabwe’s sovereignty and therefore, ZANU-PF considers the matter closed.


Party asks how ANC would feel if they engage with SA opposition

Furthermore, Mugwadi’s final statement highlights Zimbabwe’s predicament. Continuing, he says, “Just imagine a ZANU PF delegation forcing itself to engage renegade movements like DA, EFF or Afrikaner organisations to verify and ascertain whether the ANC is correct or not.”

Sadly, when a ruling party considers all opposition to be “renegades” and “puppets” democracy is dead.

What do you think South Africa? Have your say.

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