90 Day Fiance Ronald Smith

’90 Day Fiance’: RSA Borders Open In October, Ronald & Tiffany Reunite Soon

90 Day Fiance fans know that Ronald Smith lives in South Africa. He’s not the only TLC star from South Africa (RSA), as Syngin Colchester also stars in the show. The reason Ronald never got to the states yet, is because of his criminal record in South Africa. But, it’s minor and lawyers work on him getting over there soon. Now, he’s really upbeat as the RSA opens international borders soon. Maybe as soon as October he can reunite with Tiffany and the kids.

90 Day Fiance – Ronald talks about the borders opening soon

On Thursday, September 17, Ronald shared some photos of his motorbike. He talked about enjoying getting out and about with his mates since COVID-19 regulations eased. But in the comments, people asked him about when he and Tiffany get back together. They wonder if he goes to the USA when flights in and out of South Africa resume.

Fans assume that he might travel to the USA as earlier this month he and Tffiany sounded very excited. TV Shows Ace reported that they sounded so excited, that possibly his visa got approved. But, they didn’t know exactly when they might reunite due to the South African border still being closed. In the comments on the post about his bike, the 90 Day Fiance star mentioned that the borders open again very soon.

Tiffany and Ronald reunite very soon

One fan asked Ronald, “Are you able to go to America now? I love you guys! Tiffany is so so so beautiful 💕.” Well, several others also asked the same question. But, Ronald’s really careful about spoilers for the TLC show. So, he never replied. But, he did reply to other fans who just asked if he and Tiffany see each other soon. He replied to those queries and said that he’s really getting excited.

He told fans that the international borders open in early October. So, “soon it is. yaaaaaas cant wait thank u😀😀.” The Moodie Daviiit Report noted that President Ramaphosa announced that people can travel into South Africa with effect from October 1.  No wonder, the 90 Day Fiance star sounds happy as he last saw Tiffany, his daughter Carley and little Danielle just as the lockdown arrived in South Africa. (March 26). He missed his baby girl’s birthday this year, which seems very sad.

Will Tiffany ever live permanently in South Africa

Originally, Ronald and Tiffany featured in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Tiffany was meant to marry him and then stay in South Africa. However, Season 1 of the show revealed she left the country after they married. She seemed very afraid of home invasions and the crime rates. She didn’t like the idea of her child Daniel growing up in the country. Later, she made sure her daughter got born in the USA.

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