5 Top Trending Stories in South Africa

5 Top Trending Stories In South Africa This week

5 Top trending stories in South Africa that we didn’t cover might interest our readers. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at once. But, thanks to other news outlets, we present some of the main stories from Google Trends.

5 Top Trending Stories include the death of Songezo Mjongile

News broke revealing that Songezo, the Western Cape’s former secretary died on Thursday. He passed away from “colon cancer,” according to a report by EWN. Many tributes poured in that honored the longstanding member of the ANC. News 24 detailed his career prior to his untimely death. Songezo also received tributes from the DA.

Another of the 5 top trending stories in South Africa involved assurances about the new COVID-19 app. EWN detailed why people should not suspect the government uses it to spy on people. The president of the country urged people to download and participate in it. We previously noted that on Twitter, many people felt they didn’t trust the government. And, one of those featured resistance to the new app.

Level 1 lockdown trended

Naturally, South Africans waited for months to hear the news that the country enters Level 1 lockdown. BusinessTech reported that the country moves to Level 1 “on Monday morning (21 September).” International travel opens again and the outlet detailed the requirements. But, only designated countriesapply. One regulation for international travellers involves a negative COVID-19 test. The outlet also details gathering such as church and funerals. Numbers lift from 50.

On the alcohol side, the public may purchase from retailers “from Mondays to Fridays, excluding weekends and public holidays.” The curfew hours got shortened and the hours apply between one minute past midnight through to 4:00 am. One of 5 Top Trending stories, a lot of interest came when the news revealed 35 land borders remain closed for the time being.

Corruption concerns still make the headlines

The Financial Times reported more about the corruption scandal this week. The outlet noted that corruption’s been around for years. But, the coronavirus highlighted the extent of it. The outlet believes that the president really needs to make corrupt officials face the music for their corrupt ways. The South African public needs to see the government act on this very serious issue.

Another subject that hit the 5 Top Trending Stories in South Africa was Caster Semenya. We reported that she lost her appeal to not take female hormones. Since the news broke, EyeWitness News updated on it. They reported that “South African rights groups…vowed to petition the United Nations and African Union.” They appeal, the “latest ruling that the country’s Olympic 800-metre champion Caster Semenya cannot compete unless she takes hormone-suppressing drugs.”

Fifth top trending RSA story

The final top trending news story this week alleged that there was gang involvement in the killing of Colonel Charl Kinnear.

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