Lockdown Level 1 South Africa

Lockdown level 1 Lifts Spirits For The First Time In Months

Lockdown Level 1 came into effect in South Africa at midnight on Sunday, September 20. Internation travel starts reopening, and many people return to work. Actually, this Monday morning’s the first time in six months that spirits lifted. So many people waited for what felt like an eternity for this day.

Lockdown Level 1 brings a feeling of joy

While people on social media still complain about corruption and some restrictions, mostly, the buoyant feeling of the night before Christmas comes through. Mind you, President Ramaphosa cautioned about going crazy. They still keep some regulations in place. These especially apply to gatherings and social distancing. BusinessTech reported that he specifically hopes to avoid a second surge of COVID-19 cases as other countries experienced.

On Twitter, @jozifoodwhore commented, “New Level, New Week, New Things. I’m excited.” Right now, not many people worry about another surge. They just feel like some sort of normal returned and it feels good. For example, @MeladiRakgadi tweeted, “I swear I am smiling inside please follow, I follow back #Level1Lockdown.”

Lifestyle, travel, and freedom to move around

No wonder people celebrate and sound so joyful about Level 1 Lockdown. After all, people who break the law and end up in prison get denied a nice lifestyle. They travel nowhere. And, they certainly can’t move around where they feel like it. In a way, it feels like the entire country endured a punishment during the coronavirus.

But, many people caution that the coronavirus never magically disappeared. The disease is still deadly. So, serious and sensible people warn others to keep that in mind. As @City_Ekurhuleni says, “As we move to #Level1Lockdown remember the virus #Covid19SA is not on level one. To prevent the second wave…and prevent the spread of the virus … healthcare workers continue with #Covid19 screening and health testing in Dukathole, Germiston.”

However, for now, most South Africans just feel relieved and happy. Thoughts turn to celebrating Heritage Day, and Christmas with loved ones. Hopefully, no second surge arrives to put a damper on the end of year celebrations. What do you think about Lockdown level 1? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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