Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius Support Group Faithfully Keeps Him In Their Thoughts

Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. For seven long years now, a support group faithfully shared messages of love and concern for the fallen South African Olympian athlete. Now, ESPN brings out a new 4-part docuseries about him. Called The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius, it arrives in the USA on 30 for 30 on September 27th.

Oscar Pistorius divided South Africa over the long and complex trial

The long and very complex trial of Oscar involved about as much, or more media hype than OJ Simpson. South Africans watched the media frenzy feed off the bail hearing, trial, and retrial for months. Actually, several local journalists grew their careers off it. And, the international media never missed a second of the highly sensationalized scoop.

Of course, the whole thing split South Africans into two camps. Those who believed he never deliberately set out to murder Reeva, and those who believed it. And, many armchair lawyers felt it wrong that Oscar got nailed for murder even though the court mentioned that he never premeditated it. Finally, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel got his wish and the court found him guilty of murder after overturning the previous finding of culpable homicide.

The application of dolus eventualis

Dolus eventualis is something in South African law that means a person “can be convicted of murder if they foresaw the possibility of their actions resulting in the death of someone but continued regardless.” The Independent UK explained the controversial finding  of murder despite not actually plotting to kill Reeva. Initially, Oscar got convicted for culpable homicide when he shot Reeva through a closed bathroom door. The judge argued that the state never proved he had Reeva in mind when he pulled the trigger.

However, the trials dragged on, and eventually, Oscar ended up sentenced to 15 years in jail. He remains behind bars to this day. But, the complexities of it all generated so much interest that films and documentaries emerged. The ESPN one is the newest. And, it once again brings Oscar Pistorius into the spotlight. Some people on Twitter wonder if he’s still behind bars. Others hope he rots there and then in hell. But quietly, for years, a support group keeps Oscar in mind.

Support group for Oscar

Soon after Oscar’s arrest, a fan group started up in support of the South African athlete. On Twitter and on WordPress, the group faithfully shares positive messages to Oscar. Apparently, his supporters make sure that he sees and knows about them. Right through until today, the blog site shares messages of caring support and inspirational thoughts.

And, if you think only white racists support Oscar Pistorius, you would be wrong. This post came from a hospital cleaner. “It was great honor and privilege to meet you in person my fellow brother….you so tough than I thought broh,I only spent 7 months with but it was tough you spent almost 6years behind bars…you where very strong the time I left you at Attregeville, very gentle. I pray may the Lord protect and give you more strength!”

During the lockdowns, the admin told their followers that Oscar tested negative for COVID-19. In their post, they also said, “He sends his love to all his supporters, our continued support means a great deal to him.”

The ESPN documentary might show a different slant

TV Shows Ace reported that “in a statement, [Director] Daniel [Gordon] said that he hopes it brings “additional context and layers.” Additionally, he hopes it clarifies the “story [people] they think they know.”

SAns newsfeed home landing page


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