Heritage day in RSA

Heritage Day Delight In SA (Opinion)

South Africa’s Heritage Day is delightful. It serves to highlight the nation’s incredible variety of cultures, languages, wildlife, cuisine, music and dance. And, it happily falls as the new leaves of spring brightens up parks and gardens.

Heritage Day delights

Delightfully, shopping during heritage week is rewarding as workers swop uniforms for cultural finery. Moreover, colours and styles combine to turn each of them into a regal representative for their culture. Sadly, my culture fades alongside theirs and the most I can hope for is adoption. Additionally, my jeans and T-shirt reduce my culture to roast beef, a few old hymns and an expressive language. Unsurprisingly, Heritage Day shopping sees me blending in with the dry goods.

But, South Africa is so much more than her clothing, and languages.  Musically, South Africa offers a vast variety and loads of rhythm. After all, it is the birthplace of “Jerusalema”.

President calls on South Africans to dance

President Ramaphosa suggests everyone does the “Jerusalema” today and videos were up on Twitter bright and early. Sadly, ours failed. Mainly, owing to staff members rendered beyond helpless with laughter at me. Luckily, others were more successful.

Excitingly, musical events are planned to prove SA is so much more than the wonderful “Jerusalema’.



Unsurprisingly, the abundance of choice for Heritage celebrations is extensive. Happily dancing, braaing, or just a chicken stew are all acceptable forms of celebration. Undoubtedly, a little heritage travel is always another option. Fortunately, South Africa offers landscapes, wildlife, seascapes and fishing. Moreover, whatever choices you make, remember to celebrate and respect everyone else’s cultures, not just today, but every day.

Happy, happy Heritage Day South Africa!

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