Mmusi Maimane Heritage Day

Mmusi Maimane Shares An Inclusive Heritage Day Message [Editorial]

Mmusi Maimane shared a message on Heritage Day that might make people remember the attitude of Nelson Mandela. The former leader of the Democratic Alliance shared a vision of hope that everyone shared when Nelson became a free man.

Mmusi Maimane speaks out on National Heritage Day

Taking to Twitter on September 24, the founder of the One South Africa Movement shared a message of hope. In his message that he posted, he said, “Wishing all of us, a happy #HeritageDay. We have a heritage to hand over. May it not be of racial discrimination but of unity, not of poverty but shared prosperity, not violence but peace. Our Nation and our people are beautiful, strong &diverse. A prosperous future for all.”

Actually, the term “The Rainbow Nation” once expressed all those hopes that Nelson Mandela also dreamed of. He hoped that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission would bring true unity to South Africans of all colours. But these days, an awful lot of hatred gets expressed toward white people in the country. That’s probably why Mmusi Maimane spoke so inclusively.

The referendum that ended Apartheid gets forgotten

On social media, apparently many people forget that the whites of South Africa voted to end the unfair system of Apartheid. Sadly, many people still call all whites “racists” and brutal, “privileged” people. Actually, not all whites are racists. And, not all whites ruthlessly and brutally oppress their black countrymen. Plus, not all whites own companies or can afford to employ people and exploit them. So, for those people, such allegations seem very hurtful.

An inclusive and unified country would bring prosperity for all

A divided house falls. Everyone knows that. And, it also extends to countries. History tells us that as far back as the Roman Empire, great civilizations collapsed through disunity. People like Mmusi Maimane don’t call for a return of white governance. And, it may surprise some people, that the DA also avoids taking that direction. Actually, an inclusive government and a united people seem far more realistic in South Africa. That way, the entire country could prosper.

Contrary to other suspicions by radicalized young activists, South Africa means much more to the average white person than pretty sunsets and wild animals. In fact, the great majority would never consider taking up arms to kill black citizens. Most whites in the country just wish they could live a life free of crime, corruption, and thuggery. They hope for a job and for a roof over their heads. That sounds very much like the aspirations of most other races in the country.

Mmusi Maimane’s Heritage Day message might just sound like a pipedream. But, one day, perhaps people all of races will unite and build this great nation into a shining giant on the continent.

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