International airports open in south africa

Three South African Airports Ready For International Travel

With lockdown levels easing, the international travel ban is lifting on 1 October 2020. South Africa’s Airports Company says they are ready for business. And three international airports open for travel.

Three international airports opening for business

Unsurprisingly, the three major airports will be opening. Effectively, from 1 October, Cape Town International, OR Tambo and Durban’s King Shaka International can accept international flights. And, Mpumi Mpofu, CEO of Airports Company South Africa (Acsa), is hopeful tourism can recover. Notably, Acsa understands it may take five years to recover from COVID-19.

Currently, travel in Africa is permitted. However, other countries require a listing based on situational analysis. Presumably, any analysis will be based on COVID-19 statistics. Additionally, statistics will vary with second wave infection levels. Arguably, this is vague enough to discourage air bookings for some time.

Flights are COVID-19 safe

Previously, Minister of transport Mbalula mentioned air travel is safe. Technically, air filters in aeroplanes remove viruses as efficiently as sanitisers. Moreover, the air circulates from above the head to under the seat and not rotationally. Apparently, the plane is safe, and the danger is an asymptomatic passenger passing on the virus on arrival.

The tourism industry is ready

Meanwhile, the tourism industry is COVID-19 ready. Furthermore, current pricing is reasonable. Additionally, South African’s are hoping they will stay that way as too many destinations are too expensive for SAR earners.

Local flights currently cost-effective

Clearly, jump-starting the tourism industry is not a quick fix. Meanwhile, local tourists begin to take advantage of comparatively cheap internal flights. Interestingly, COVID-19 is freeing data-based industries from offices. Seemingly, a growing number of locals are fortunate enough to take advantage of cheaper flights. After all, a change of scene is as good as a holiday. Undoubtedly, the idea of a week’s work with a sea view is attractive to any Gauteng resident. And, why not?

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