Language Tourism learn Xhosa

Language Tourism in SA: Learn Xhosa In Immersive Experience

Language Tourism’s a novel way to learn a new language in SA. Historically, countless councillors list new and achievable goals as a pathway to better mental health. And, an innovative South African tourism venture can help. Interestingly, South Africa has 11 official languages.

Language tourism in South Africa

South Africans have astonishing linguistic talents and an innovative tourism venture intends teaching visitors Xhosa. Innovatively, Ubuntu Bridge is taking language one step further to offer an entire Xhosa experience. Plus, the intention is to to offer cultural and historical immersion and bookings are open for December with early bird specials on offer now.

Meanwhile, Xhosa language lessons are available online via zoom at Ubuntu Bridge‘s website. In fact, Nelson Mandela envisioned a nation of cross-cultural understanding. Learning a language is a doorway into understanding others. Additionally, Ubuntu Bridge reminds South Africans of Mandela’s speech on May 10 1994. Specifically, his request that everyone learn each other’s languages saying, “…this is the best way to contribute to nation-building and reconciliation…”. Luckily, it’s never too late.

YhoXhosa – BULUNGULA 2020
*5th – 13th of DECEMBER 2020*
Yoga and Language Immersions
on the Wild Coast of South…

Posted by UBuntu Bridge on Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Immersion experience

The immersion experience offers yoga, peace, fresh coastal air and a warm welcome. Interestingly, an immersive experience serves to enliven a language, assisting in embedding basics. Moreover, a cultural experience creates deeper connections to any language. Indeed, Xhosa outfits alone are worth finding out more.

Yes, borders are reopening but tourism will not recover overnight. Undoubtedly, local summer holidays offer unbeatable options in South Africa across a range of prices. Remember, local is lekker, support the industry. And, do your research.  A lot of places are offering early bird specials for 2020’s summer.

By all means, hit the beach, fill the coffee shops, taste the wine. But, add something different to this holiday, learn a local language. And, embrace another culture whose residents welcome your interest. Below, you can see a little bit about the immersion from 2019. Notably, it seems beautiful, and so welcoming there.

So, if you look for something totally different, why not consider taking your December break with them?

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