Netflix The World of the married

Netflix: ‘The World Of The Married’ Looks Compelling

Netflix in South Africa brings The World of the Married. And, this South Korean production looks compelling and well worth watching. This series wastes no time, jumping right in with betrayal and lies in episode 1. Seemingly, a perfect marriage between a doctor and her relatively unsuccessful movie director husband flounders on the discovery of an affair.

Netflix brings The World of Marriage

Universally, marriage is common. Additionally, marriage ranges across love, necessity, arranged, happy, disastrous and often all of the above. Moreover, much of any marriage is conducted behind closed doors. Interestingly, South Korea’s The World of the Married opens the door for a peek inside. 

With 16 episodes and two specials, the show brings enough entertainment to keep you engaged. On the surface of it, all looks well in the life of this married couple who have a teenage son. But, the dark side emerges and someone ends up betrayed. In fact, the title of the new series on Netflix really doesn’t do the content much justice. 

Based on BBC’s Doctor Foster

Drawing on BBC’s Dr Foster series, Dr Ji Sun-woo (played by Kim Hee-one)  finds out her patient is having an affair with her husband Lee Joon-young (Park Hae-joon). As a result, the story traces the effect on the family, including their teenage son Lee Joon-young (Jeon Jin-seo).

Warning, each episode on Netflix runs for 80 minutes. And, the cliffhangers compel further watching. Accordingly, suggests starting early in the evening or accept a late night! or of course, settle in on a rainy weekend day and just enjoy the story. 

Tremendously compelling

This series is fast-paced, compellingly, twisting and turning sufficiently to keep viewers hooked. Furthermore, the characters believably and understandably change as the marriage dissolves. While some of the scenes seem rather dark, the show addresses some important issues. 

Importantly, the series sharply focuses viewers on female issues such as those encountered world-wide, misogyny, sexism, and the dilemma of being a divorcee. Naturally, the effect of a marriage gone sour impacts children and the familial anger renders everyone unlikable at one stage or another.

Other reviews

Reviewers rate the series between 8.1 and 10 with most comments praising the acting, pace and attention to details. Seemingly, the realism of the series draws viewers into an emotional rollercoaster. Additionally, betrayal, common in many human relationships is universally identifiable.

Critically, some express a little disappointment with the final outcome but all encourage viewers to watch The World of the Married on Netflix.

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