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Awkward Moments: Bored With Corruption & COVID?

Awkward moments and photos give plenty of bored people a few lighthearted moments. And, 2020 birthed lots of heaviness. COVID, corruption, politics, and bans dominated the last six months or so on social media. And frankly, people seem bored by it all. But, there’s an Instagram Page that rides to the rescue.

Awkward moments – a family photo fail page

Interactive sites always get loads of engagements. And, funny photo sites attract people, especially when they can share their own stuff. That probably explains why an 11-year-old Instagram page racked up just shy of one million followers. With six-and-a-half thousand posts, something should appeal to almost everyone’s funny bone.

Mostly, American users share their photos over there. But, anyone who follows may submit their posts there via DM. And, its not a prank site with obvious staged poses as they ask people to keep it real, with some good old-fashioned “nostalgia.” They also run a website where you can find amusing adult puzzle books, and some of their better photos submitted to Instagram.

Animals in awkward family photos

Funny situations with animals, ever-popular on YouTube also feature on this Instagram Page. Like this one, that shows a kid nearly crushed by a rush of hungry deer and goats.

awkward moments 1


In this photo below, the dogs happily enjoy a fun time photobombing their owners. Young and in love they pose romantically for a record of their pregnancy. In the background, the pets do what dogs do without a care in the world.

awkward moments 2

Perfect moment photo snaps

Who loves blowing bubbles? If you outgrow the kiddies bottles and blowers, you can always try making bigger ones with a giant hoop and a mini swimming pool. It seems this photographer captured something surprising with an unfortunate bubble!

Unfortunate bubble

In the picture below, the photographer captured an awkward moment everyone would probably prefer to forget. Every family has one they say!

awkward 4

The darker side of child-rearing

Parents-to-be imagine a life of cute cuddles and sweet giggles. But when kids come along, the dark side of child-rearing comes to the fore. They simply don’t come with bubble wrap and built-in health and safety protocols!

dark side of life

And, if you think Grandpa might be something of a helicopter parent, forget it. Actually, it looks like they let the little tykes learn through experiences judging by this shot below.


Final photo for today

Sometimes, awkward moments look contrived. But apparently, this final photo for today happened quite naturally, and the significance only dawned after the family looked at it again later.


Hopefully, those awkward moments in family photos cheered you up and took away some of the boredom and bad news of 2020.

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