Anti-Crime App

New Anti-crime App Now Available in South Africa

One of the citizens’ prime concerns in South Africa is criminal activity. However, a new anti-crime App is being launched to assist South Africans in their fight against crime. Notably, crime becomes a huge social concern in the country.

Anti-crime app available

The new app, CrimeSpotter is a welcome aid for citizens. And, the initiative is launched by Johannesburg based In-Detail Advertising company to assist individuals to play a part in crime spotting and reporting.

Technologically, the app is simple to download. Additionally, the app operates via maps. Clearly, the aim is to allow neighbours to link up and report on crime quickly. Moreover, community policing formed within a community will use the app to assist each other and the police.

Ideal for communities

According to the website Crime Spotter App website, this program will allow for instant alerts sent to neighbours whilst a crime is in process. Additionally, one may register as an individual, company or anonymously when reporting crime. Ideally, the anonymous option offers citizens with information a chance to report it without endangering themselves.


Furthermore, the website says, “The aim of CrimeSpotter is to mobilise South Africans in crime prevention by becoming the eyes and ears of their community and actively reporting all crimes and providing any additional information possible on those crimes which have been reported by others.”

Communities assist each other and police

Importantly, communities may now be their own “eyes and ears”. Additionally, through gathering information around crime, recoding videos and sound, it assists police following up. Moreover, data sharing suspicious behaviour amongst neighbours may well save lives and livelihoods.

Criminals seemingly act with impunity

Unfortunately, criminals seemingly act with impunity in South Africa. Specifically, CrimeSpotter will assist policing as neighbours liaise via the app to make it a little harder for the bad guys to operate. Certainly, more videos and photographs instantly uploaded to the app will assist police in following up on crime. Hopefully, data may be admissible in court and better serve the justice system.

Download the app from your cell phone play store or check out the website for more information.

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