Donald Trump tests positive COVID

Donald Trump Confirms Positive Test For COVID-19

Donald Trump, the President of the United States just confirmed that he and his wife Melania both tested positive for COVID-19. Actually, he sounds rather positive and granted, he didn’t look ill in a recent debate with Joe Biden. Obviously, opinions and reactions to the news are very mixed on social media.

Donald Trump announces positive COVID-19 test results

Taking to his Twitter, the president told his followers about the bad news. It’s the most sensational coronavirus news since Boris Johnson of the UK went down with the virus. The president also said that First Lady Melania also tested positive for the illness. Donald’s tweet read, “Tonight, @FLOTUSand I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

Reactions from haters and detractors instantly erupted on the social media website. But notably, a lot of people support him. And, they send in their prayers and well-wishes. But, so far, no American Celebs crowed with joy and hoped for his death. Recall that when Boris Johnson fell ill, “Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes [said] she wishes coronavirus…killed Boris Johnson when Prime Minister was struck down by the bug.”

Comments from POTUS haters

On Twitter, the news about COVID-19 sent many of his haters into throes of delight. They feel he gets his just deserts for downplaying the virus. Here’s what a few of them said to Donald Trump:

  • “You held so many rallies during a pandemic and put so many people at risk because you don’t care. What a disgrace of a human you are.”
  • “if there is anyone on earth who deserves to die in pain and misery, it’s him.”
  • “Good thing it’s nothing to worry about right? Just shine some ultraviolet light or bleach or something?”
  • “Now you might feel some of the suffering that your inaction has caused to so many others.”

Trump supporters post messages of hope

‘Those who support Trump, and even those who don’t, who don’t wish death and illness on anyone also responded. One follower wrote, “I hope you understand now that it’s not a hoax… like you said it was back in February. I do hope and pray that you and the First Lady recover soon as I do not wish illness on anyone.” Other Donald Trump supports sent in some encouraging and supportive messages:

  • “Im gutted to hear your news .god is with you i am with you and so is every American and British person who love and support you.stay strong mr president.”
  • “The American people are praying for our POTUS and FLOTUS! Get better, we need you!”
  • “I hope both of you have a safe and speedy recovery! I may not agree with you ever but I still wish you the best in your battle with COVID.”
  • “Mr President, we love you and The First Lady. Thousands in America will be praying for you and your family. Ignore the haters. God’s Healing Hands upon you and Melania, and Ms Hicks. We Bless you in Jesus’ Name and agree for your quick healing.”

Check back with us often for more news about Donald Trump and Melania as he fights his COVID-19 infection.

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