COVID-19: Just Because Lockdown Levels Ease, Doesn’t Mean It Died Out

This week, over 1 million deaths are attributed to COVID-19 worldwide. Moreover, it is killing more men than women. And, there’s almost a feeling of relief as lockdown levels ease. But it didn’t just die out, so people should still be cautious with social distancing.

COVID-19 is not over

According to an August article in nature, data collection indicates fatalities are higher in men than women over the age of 50. Additionally, people under 50 seldom die from the illness. Furthermore, Andrew Levin, an economist at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire calculates COVID-19 is 50 times more likely to kill a 60-year-old male than driving a vehicle. Indisputably, old women have a higher recovery rate than men.

Initially, reports in the UK indicated that Black or Asian people appeared especially vulnerable. However, further research by Helen Ward, an epidemiologist at Imperial College, London, says morbidity rates are not affected by race.

High incidences in old age homes

Seemingly, studies around the surge of deaths in European countries indicates close-knit living in retirement facilities is a major contributor. Additionally, many residents in such centres exist with co-morbidities.

Currently, high morbidity and infection rates are the USA, India and Latin America. Unfortunately, Latin America reports 5,000 deaths per day this week. Moreover, it is unclear if the spread is due to close living conditions and poverty. Conversely, Africa, with equal poverty levels and close living, appears to have high recovery rates and, with summer, lower infection levels.

South Africa’s infection figures

To date, South Africa reports 676 084 positive cases and 609 584 recoveries and 16 866 deaths. Notably, the recovery rate in South Africa is one of the highest in the world hovering around 90%. Furthermore, scientists remain baffled around the recovery percentages. But, still, a second wave remains a huge possibility.

Europe COVID-19

Reportedly, some European countries are reconsidering lockdown. Additionally, travel bans will be reinstated in Spain. In France, some schools send the kids home again.

Trump tests positive

Notably, Trump’s tweet around him and his wife, Melania testing positive flooded twitter with comments. We reported that not all tweets were supportive. Others, declining to celebrate the man’s illness, nonetheless expressed a lack of surprise owing to his insistence on shaking hands and previous failures to wear a mask.

It’s been a long and tough road for everyone across the world. But, people simply want their lives back. So, caution seems a bit lacking as time goes by. As a doctor in South Africa told us last week, “people still arrive at Casualty.” And, those who need “urgent hospitalization for COVID-19 suffer terribly.”

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