Dived the Western Cape

Dived The Western Cape? If Not, You’ll Probably Want To – Stunning Photos

People who hear about the best-dived destinations often think of Sodwana Bay. It’s beautiful and bountiful, and a well-know destination in Northern KwaZulu Natal. But if you never dived before, or never dived in the Western Cape you might want to. Chryssea Johnson from Cape Town posted up some stunning and amazing photos of ethereal kelp forests recently.

Dived the Western Cape? it’s simply stunning

Chryssea’s Instagram profile describes her as a “Cold water Free diver” and “Marine life enthusiast.” She loves documenting underwater stories, and some of her fantastic photos might compel you to DM her for details on purchasing prints. With 133 nice underwater posts, you need look no further than the last five, for something magical.

On September 11, Chryssea Johnson dived on a day of “average visibility.” Nevertheless, she found a wonderland that suddenly opened up in front of her. In her long post description, she described her Western Cape dive as, “just beneath the thick kelpy canopy of the forest channel lay a certain magic.” Actually, she described the photo perfectly with, “Pathways over rocky outcrops and urchin hilltops caught by the afternoon light were bathed in crystalline clarity.”

Another stunning Western Cape photo

On September 20, another photo went up. This time, in the comments Chryssea said she dived at “Windmill.” It came after someone asked if she went diving on “Miller’s Reef.” It’s very likely that Chryssea referred to Windmill Beach area. It’s considered a training beach for learner divers. The website for it describes kelp forests, rocks, and fairly calm waters.

One follower commented, “I love this. I want to dive here!” Others noted how ethereal and beautiful it all looks. Meanwhile, @capetownmag also shared one of her photos. On their post, many people who never dived before seemed blown away by the beauty of the photo. One follower noted, “What I didn’t know this existed!” And another one wrote, “I think it’s magical like a secret garden. Momita likes😎😎😎.”

What did you think of those stunning photos of the underwater world in the Western Cape? If you never dived there before, do you think you want to now? Sound off in the comments below.

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