South African small business buy local

South African Small Business Owners Seek Support – Buy Local

South African small business becomes even more important in 2020. The unemployment rates rose exponentially this year. And, many people ended up losing their jobs through COVID-19 restrictions. Even with Level One lockdown, many people never regained their place in the employment sector. So, they turn their talents to work on their own ventures. And, they seek support across social media. Meanwhile, others who started up before 2020 also look for more customers.

South African small business important in a shrinking economy

Anyone with talent and a bit of ambition can start their own business. But, without large marketing budgets, sustainability becomes hard. So, people turn to social media and shoutout their services. And, buying local, or supporting these individuals seems like a win for everyone. Stats SA reveals that ” Perhaps the second quarter of 2020 will become known as the pandemic quarter.”

Furthermore, “historical data from 1960, sourced from the South African Reserve Bank, show that the second quarter of 2020 experienced the biggest fall in GDP since that year.” Unable to find and hold a job down in the economic crisis, many people attempt their own businesses. Others, who already started their small South African small business some time ago, also advertize for support on Twitter.

Nail Tech in Cape Town

The Slay Club Nail Bar’s a business started by account holder @nandi_thembani. Their call for support reveals that they became unemployed during the lockdown. Their caption alongside their advert reads, “Im a nail Tech, lost my job during lockdown now i started my own business. If you are around Cape Town, i do nails and im mobile.”

Then, there’s an enterprising person who thinks about summer and outdoor enjoyment. As the country warms up, more people spend time outdoors. And, why not grab a picnic basket, and take the family somewhere for the day? So, @LesFleetwood asks for support for their small business. South Africans looking for a useful addition to their day-trip hamper can order waterproof picnic blankets.

Pebbles & Stone gardens

Looking for low maintenance but an attractive garden feature? @Nwabi_0913 advertises they  “transform outdoor spaces with pebble stones & plants.” What’s more, they also created two job opportunities already. Based in Midrand, they also sell pebble stones, and “delivery is free.”

Sweet tooth? Look no further than @_TeeStyles_. She advertises “Scrumptious Cookies” and “Everything Pastry.” And with over 6k followers, they obviously got onto a good thing with South Africans. It looks like they’ve been around for a few years now. So, sticking with your own small business seems to pay.  

South Africans sometimes take to the side of the road to market their small business products. So, next time you take a lazy drive, why not stop off and check out some of the items on sale. The quality might surprise you.

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