Asbestos Millions – What Did It Cost SA Citizens?

South Africa asbestos money

South Africa is a rich country. Unfortunately, most of her citizens are not. Moreover, state capture revelations toss quantities of stolen capital around. For example, what is the actual loss to South Africans with the Asbestos millions?

Asbestos millions squandered

Recently, headline news trumpets warrants of arrest for business people involved in the Asbestos scandal. Seemingly, the Freestate authorised a spend of R225 million to identify and replace asbestos rooves in the province. Shockingly, not one roof is being replaced. Furthermore, jaded citizens, too many of whom struggle to place food on their tables, cannot begin to imagine what R225 million can buy.

Moreover, this particular theft is a small drop in the ocean of billions stolen from South Africans.

What should R225 million buy citizens?

Actually, research on costings posted on government and private sites show R225million can buy South Africans any one of the following:

2036 Reconstruction and Development homes at a cost R110 thousand each.

1 x 150-bed hospital 

16 brick and mortar schools at approximatelyR14 million each.

1500 police constable salaries for one year.

South Africans want punishments to fit the crimes

Now, South Africans are fed up with politicians and their politically connected families and friends. Moreover, taxpayers call for prison sentences to be meted out urgently.

Importantly, OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse) offers a reminder that the Asbestos theft is just the tip of the iceberg.

Others, including the current Freestate Premier, saying the law must take its course.

Additionally, some tweets express concern that the thieves may get off and delay trials via lawyers.

However, some people think the grand-scale theft is not a problem. Fortunately, freedom of press ensures anyone may express their opinions.

However, overall, South Africans condemn the theft of public funds. Certainly, every rand stolen is stolen from the people who need it most.

What do you think? Have your say, South Africa.

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