Bakery in Benoni

Bakery Review: Cookies & Good Coffee – Who’s Up For It In Benoni?

Benoni has a new bakery called George’s Bread & Co. Recently, George’s Bread & Co bakery based in the K9 Center in Boxburg branched out. Luckily for Benoni residents, they no longer need to leave town to enjoy cakes and coffee.

New bakery in the Rynfield Shopping Center, Benoni.

Rynfield Shopping Centre is found at 35 Miles Sharp Street. And, George’s Bread & Co is the new kid on the block. Currently, the new branch is fully self-service with a few tables and chairs for clientele to relax over good coffee. Moreover, George’s team offer “… our community…a warm, casual space to connect and enjoy exceptional quality pastries, bread and desserts; as well as coffee and café-fare.” Importantly, George’s bakes all the goodies sold in the two shops from scratch. Additionally, they say only the best ingredients make the “most delicious confections.”

Furthermore, George, of the Bread & Co was born into a baking family. Naturally, he loves “anything baked” and after one and half decades in the family-owned Croydon bakery, he is following his passion. Luckily for Benoni residents, his dream is expanding in the East. Additionally, George says he believes in providing great service. Certainly, the employees in the Benoni branch were quick, friendly and busy.

Sampling the goods

Recently, a visit to George’s Bread & Co offered the opportunity to sample some goodies first hand. Importantly, the coffee is good. Equally, the hot chocolate is delicious as are the small biltong and cheddar quiches. Happily, the steak pie filling is tasty and of good quality. However, the resident pie expert felt just a little less pastry and a bit more steak would notch it first national place.

Moreover, he was quick to add, “it had no gristle, just meat.” High praise indeed. Additionally, the chocolate truffles and chocolate cookies offer a good chocolate hit. Personally, a little more chewiness and less crunch in the chocolate chip cookies would be preferable and closer to the American version.

Bakery 2

There’s more

Additionally, the menu’s available online, making advance ordering easy. Furthermore, the choice is wide, with nine varieties of bread, 10 options for bread rolls, and at least 17 different cakes to name but a few. Warning, this place is not for the diet conscious. However, there is room for the health-conscious, with sales of GMO-Free, Stoneground flour, pasta and other interesting ingredients available.

Try George’s Bread & Co for a tasty treat, fresh bread, catering, or just a happy vibe to share cookies with a good coffee and conversation.

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