DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle Offers Fans A Chance At ‘The Face Of This Girl Can Fitness’

DJ Zinhle took time out recently from her busy schedule. In July this year, at the height of the coronavirus, she reached out to fans and invited them to imagine life without fear. Now, she reaches out and invites women to dream big…with a helping hand from “This girl can™️” Fitness 🔥.

DJ Zhinle announces exciting ‘This girl can’ fitness’ opportunity

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, October 12, the famous entertainer spoke about an exciting venture. And it’s open to South African women aged over 18. Plus, she mentioned it brings a “lifetime opportunity.” Notably, the opportunity’s worth a cool $15k. Not to mention a chance to take part in an “exclusive photoshoot with @djzinhle and…other phenomenal models and influencers.”

DJ Zhinle explained more about how it all works. They search “for the new face of “This girl can” fitness to wear and promote the new collections.” The collections launch “very soon,” she added. Plus, you could take home “a set from each of our collections.” Actually, this offer seems very generous. Bear in mind you could end up launching “your own personal fitness brand.”

Entry requirements for ‘The Face Of This girl Can Fitness’

The winner of the opportunity gets announced on October 23 this year. And, fans should pay attention to the requirements for entry. Firstly, you should post a comment on her Instagram. (Post inserted below). And then. say why you feel “you should be the new face of “This girl can” fitness.” Then, take the next step and follow the “@jirehwellness_ account.”

DJ Zihle says you can “double your chances of winning” by sharing and tagging the same account. As a final step, “Tag a friend (1 tag = 1 Vote). Tag as many friends to increase your chances to be the new face of fitness.”

Keen people already enter

Competition already looks keen, and a lot of people already give their reasons why they think they deserve the win. One person said to DJ Zinhle, “I should be the face simply because this girl can. What more inspiration does one need when all they need to know is that with will and power, all your potential is within you. And if you believe you can, who are we not to. I can and will be the face of “This girl can.”

Wow, it certainly seems like a powerful statement of intent from @zes_mbabane. Then, @dineomke wrote, “For fuller figure ladies, i would be the best candidate to represent for ” this girl can” @jirehwellness_ bringing something fresh to the audience and boost self confidence.”

Well, anyone might win, so now’s your opportunity to go for it and possibly become ‘The Face Of This girl Can Fitness.’ And hurry up, because DJ Zhinle said they announce the winner in about ten days’ time.

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