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Earth Eats, A New Concept In Farm To Kitchen Food

Earth Eats easily provides ethically farmed food to the pantry. Importantly, Earth Eats puts good healthy food on your plate avoiding glyphosates and antibiotics. It’s convenient, healthy, and available in South Africa. And foodies should love their products.

Earth Eats a new concept

Earth Eats is a good news COVID-19 story. Specifically, during the lockdown on Jo Spilsbury’s farm, she and her business partner and friend, Lee-Anne Spark, birthed the concept of Earth Eats. Interestingly, these two moms, concerned about unhealthy farming systems are keen to share healthy food concepts with their clients.  Additionally, Jo is already well known for her pasture-raised chickens and eggs.

Importantly, research by Dr. Zach Bush says fresh food, free from glyphosate promotes a healthy gut. Moreover, a healthy gut reduces inflammation and protects the microbiome responsible for “the integrity of the gut and vascular barriers“. Accordingly, Dr. Bush advocates farming with regenerated soil, free of insecticides and pesticides to restore natural health. Apparently, this negates the use of probiotics. Jo and Lee-Ann have taken this to heart.

From Jo’s farm to your table

Earth Eats is based in Gauteng allowing Jo to package and freeze her products on her farm and deliver them directly to Lee-Ann in Gauteng. Quickly, Lee-Anne packs and delivers orders of over R1000.00 free of charge to your Gauteng kitchen. Currently, there are three healthy options to choose from with prices ranging from October’s special of R499.00 to R1700.00 for the Shikimate box.

Importantly, the Shikimate box offers all the ingredients you need to reintroduce your body to gut health – try it, you need it more than you realise. Notably, apart from the healthy chicken products and eggs, every box includes a loaf of sourdough bread from Champagne Valley Farms and a healthy sourced gift to add to your healthy lifestyle.

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Check out Earth Eats today

Ethical farming takes time, chickens raised with more sunshine and less stress are delicious. Furthermore, if you are still a little unsure, pop into Gautengs Jacksons Real Food Market and Eastery or Thrupps and test drive some of Jo’s products. And, supporting regenerative farming and ethical foods is good for you, the environment and your children. You can check out their Facebook page here.

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