Conchata Ferrell dies

‘Two And A Half Men’ Actress Conchata Ferrell Dies

Conchata Ferrell, the popular housekeeper in Two and a Half Men passed away. And, the long-running sitcom in South Africa will not be the same without her. Conchata Ferrel passed away from cardiac arrest.

‘Two And A Half Men’ actress Conchata Ferrel

Obviously, well known for her role and acerbic wit in the sitcom, Ferrel also appeared in L.A.Law‘s Season 6. Naturally, Two And A Half actors pay her tribute as fans mourn her passing. Sadly, Jon Cryer says “I’m crying for the woman I’ll miss, and the joy she brought to many.” Also, Charlie Sheen describes her as “An absolute sweetheart, a consummate pro, a genuine friend…”

Moreover, Farrell earned two Emmy nominations for her supporting actress role in Two and A Half Men, in 2005 and 2007.

Farrell was more than Berta the housekeeper though

According to an October 13th article in Deadline, Ferrel was born in 1943, in Charleston USA. Graduating, with a degree in history education from Marshal University, she later taught acting for television at UCLA. Additionally, her long list of film and stage accomplishments earned her respect and love in the USA entertainment industry.

Apart from numerous television roles, Ferrell appeared in the films Network, Pizza, True Romance, Erin Brockovich, Edward Scissorhands, Mr Deeds and Krampus. Furthermore, her longterm talent agent and friend, Judith Moss says Ferrell was “ … and her life will be greatly missed.”

Moreover, Ferrell’s stage work included a starring role in Lanford Wilson’s Hot L Baltimore. Subsequently, she worked with Norman Lear in his series “of the same name.”

Undoubtedly, Conchata Ferrell’s work ethic and professionalism earned her respect throughout the entertainment industry. Her more recent roles may still be enjoyed by fans in A Very Nutty Christmas, cameos in the Netflix’s The Ranch as well as the soon to be released Deported.


Conchata passed away at the age of 77. After many years of laughter, another legend passes away in 2020. And this time, South Africans feel the pain. South Africa will miss Conchata Ferrell. Thank you for the laughter.

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