Does Mkhize Wants ANC To Rule At Any Cost

Does Mkhize Want ANC To Rule At Any Cost?

Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhize intends requesting Parliamentary approval to install powers South Africans voted to remove in 1994. And, some people might think it’s a bit of an extreme move by him.

Does Mkhize really want ANC to rule at any cost?

Couching new regulations under the guise of health issues, Mkhize’s proposals are broad. Furthermore, to a nation scarred by Apartheid, the proposals reflect the dark ages of National Party Rule. Moreover, restrictions of movement, gatherings and curfews are undemocratic.

South Africans voted in a referendum to end draconian rule and states of national emergency. Additionally, COVID-19 seems to be proving no more dangerous than normal winter flu in terms of current deaths. With that said, is the ANC starting to panic about a loss of support?

Does this proposal smack of ANC fear?

According to News 24, the regulations are onerous. Including, closure of public places, events, and tourist activities. Also, prohibiting inter-district or provincial movement. Alarmingly, curfews will be in place. Moreover, the rules place a lot of power in the hands of a small group of people. Certainly, the Democratic Party is expressing alarm. Spokesperson, Siviwe Gwarube says “It gives an impression of a government desperate to retain power over its citizens even outside of a legitimate State of Disaster…”

Historically, on 17th March 1992, South Africa voted for a negotiated settlement. Specifically, South Africa voted for freedom for all her people, paving the way to a new constitution. Seemingly, the ANC government is deconstructing everything South Africans voted for in their first free and fair election. Supposedly, South Africa is ruled by the people, for the people. So, has the ANC government forgotten this?


As South African Arn Franzsen@AFranzen says, “I feel like the@MYANC has a chokehold on us, and is going to carry on tightening it, bit by bit, until all our freedoms are gone, and we are basically a police state…”

“Additionally, the government has already extended the lockdown for another month. And, Twitterati expressed anger.


Moreover, the lockdown is already impacting thousands of jobs. Importantly, extending the lockdown for another month may prove sufficient time to enact the new draconian powers proposed by Minister Mhkize. Alarmingly, this proposal may be one step too far for nervous South Africans

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