What Is The EFF Protesting About In Senekal.

What Is The EFF Protesting About In Senekal? [Editorial]

The EFF rushed to Senekal today with thousands of supporters. Bearing clubs and other weapons the whole roadshow rolled out. But, as the court hearing’s simply about a suspect in the farm murder of Brendin Horner, why are they there?

EFF Protest in Senekal during farm murder suspect’s bail hearing

On Twitter, the question pops up repeatedly: why are the EFF protesting so vehemently in Senekal on October 16th? Are they there to prevent the destruction of property? Well, that’s what the police are there for. And, the government could always call out the South African Defence Force, if needs be. And, some people reason it’s not the place of civilians belonging to a political party to do that anyway.

Are they there to condemn farm murders in South Africa? Actually, the EFF push a very strong narrative of “kill the Boer” and expropriation of the land without compensation. They never called for the murder of white farmers to get addressed. And, they certainly don’t call for it now, either. So, why the hype and massive song and dance right now?

A suspect on bail for murder, is that why the EFF protest?

Paint the land issues any color you want. But looking at the basics of today, they involve someone’s arrest for killing a farmer. If people are not there, as the farmers are, to protest the killing of white farmers, why else could they be there? Are the EFF there in support of the suspect instead of the victims? Essentially, people on Twitter think the EFF seemed to be endorsing the killing of farmers. Meanwhile, some people think the violence when farm murder protestors set a vehicle alight on Tuesday simply invited the attention of the EFF.

SAPS took today seriously and mounted roadblocks. White farmers were allegedly found with weapons in a bakkie. But, seeingly they may have had a license for them. Then came talk of EFF people suggesting they carried firearms as well. But, in the heat of social media. it’s difficult to clarify fake from real news. What is very evident, is that the singing about killing farmers, the brandishing of clubs, and the threats are very real.

Is this confrontation South Africa needs?

While aggression comes from the EFF, it’s not all roses and peaches from the other side. Team News 24 tweeted that “Frans Jooste, “colonel” in the Kommandokorps, saying the Free State was a Boer republic and will be again.” Well, that’s fighting news to match the temperature of the EFF. And threats and counter-threats bring to a head something that simmered for a very long time in South Africa.

Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that all white farmers are racists. And many more believe that all whites are racist. But, that’s not actually true. Conversely, a lot of white people see the EFF as racist. Is that true? Mostly it seems to depend on the political temperature at the time, and how much media coverage the EFF protests generate. EFF supporters often accuse the white people of South Africa of wanting a war. But, few whites would hope for that.

Conversely, the EFF regularly calls for war and in fact, they have “war councils.” Are they in Senekal just itching for a fight? Are they there to inflame anti-white racism rhetoric? Is everyone on all sides just freaking out for media coverage? Did Afriforum help inflame the situation by describing farm murders as terrorism?

One person noted that perhaps this confrontation in Senekal needs to happen. Preferably without bloodshed. They felt that it’s been simmering in the country for far too long.

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