SA Police Search Buses And Vehicles For Weapons In Senekal

SA Police Search Buses And Vehicles For Weapons In Senekal

South African Police set up roadblocks into Senekal early on 16th October 2020. Importantly, vehicles and buses were searched for weapons. The whole situation sounds rather frightening as tension escalates.

SAP search busses and vehicles for weapons

Senekal is a hot spot in South Africa today. Understandably, police are concerned as farmers, members of the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) and Afriforum gather in Senekal. Situationally, the trial of two suspects for the murder of 21-year-old Brendin Horner is a powder-keg for rising anger around crime. Moreover, farmers in South Africa carry licensed weapons. Interestingly, one EFF member, Vusi Khoza (KZN Provisical Chairperson) reportedly already had a weapon taken into custody this morning.

Farmers are angry at Horner’s death

Certainly, farmers are angry. Furthermore, Horner was tortured and beaten to death whilst tied to a pole. Allegedly, by stock thieves. Additionally, EFF says farmers are not the only people targeted for murder in South Africa. Realistically, the EFF are gathering to make a political statement, farmers are gathering to protest murders and Afriforum is gathering to stand up to EFF.

South Africa needs little to raise temperatures. Moreover, farm murders are an ongoing boiling point. Additionally, EFF takes every opportunity to raise the nationalisation of land and racism.  Importantly, today is such an opportunity and the police are well aware of this. Furthermore, Julius Malema is claiming the EFF is in Senekal to protect the Police from the farmers. Ironically, the man instigating trouble at the previous court appearance is in custody. Interestingly, Malema and other EFF leadership are up on similar charges yet remain at large.

Farmers claim murders are not taken seriously in South Africa

White farmers do get murdered in South Africa, a country with lamentable high numbers of crime. However recently, the government claimed it’s no worse than any other murder. And, to use a South African expression, farmers become “gatvol” of it. The farmers feel sidelined, ignored, and that the police don’t take the crime seriously. But as @alfredbailar questioned on Twitter, “which crime is taken serious by the police in South Africa?”

Well, it seems like from today onwards, nobody’s going to be able to just drape a carpet over white farm murders. And, in a way, the exposure that the EFF gets right now over their massive protest in Senekal might finally bring the issue of farm murder crime into the international spotlight. Ironically, that’s exactly what Afriforum hopes for.

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