Senekal Fact Check As EFF Inadvertently Highlights Farm Attacks

Senekal Fact Check As EFF Inadvertently Highlights Farm Attacks

The South African Police displayed some professionalism in Senekal on 16th October 2020. And, the tinder-box situation fizzled out, rather than igniting into a violent confrontation between parties involved in the farm murder protests.

Senekal fact check

What went on in Senekal? An article by News24 broke down the facts. Firstly, Brendin Horner’s body was found at 6.30 am on Friday 2nd October. Secondly, he died from murder. Furthermore, he suffered stab wounds and serious face and face injuries. A rope secured around his neck further revealed the suffering he experienced.

Thirdly, a knife lay nearby. Fourthly, Horner’s body, dragged to a fence pole, ended up tied to it. Furthermore, it appears Horner died by strangulation and fought hard. Factually, police forensics piece the scene together as no witnesses came forward. Finally, all other facts remain blocked before trial.

Two suspects in custody

On October 3rd, Police arrested two suspects in the Fateng tse Ntsho Township of Paul Roux. Namely, Sekwetje Mahlamba (32) and Sekola Matlaletsa (43). Additionally, both suspected stock thieves hold criminal records. Interestingly, one suspect was arrested 16 times. And that resulted in four convictions for stock theft. Plus, the higher suspect also ended up arrested three times.

Meanwhile, over 1,000 farmers gathered outside the court in Senekal previously. There, they staged a peaceful protest against farm murders. Unfortunately, as farmers dispersed, a construction businessman, Andre Pienaar (51) urged the 100 remaining farmers to storm the court.

Notably, a police vehicle overturned in the scuffle. Forensically, police will establish if the vehicle was set alight. Possibly, leaking fuel and damaged electronics caused the fire. And, Pienaar is under investigation for assaulting the suspects and faces an attempted murder charge. Finally, Pienaar has a criminal record himself. Interestingly, there is no evidence of farmers defending his actions.

Economic Freedom Front inadvertently highlights farm attacks

On October 16th, the EFF entered the fray. Citing, defence for police, Julius Malema demanded members turn out at the second court appearance of the accused. Ironically, it caused extra work for the police who shipped in additional members to control the crowds and search for weapons.

Furthermore, viral videos of EFF members singing “Kill the Boer” on Friday, serve to highlight exactly what Malema constantly downplays – farm attacks and murder.

Tinder-box or damp squib?

Anticipating issues, razor wire separated protesting farmers and EFF members. And, small scuffles were stopped by both sides. According to the Citizen, a Bethlehem farmer, Jaco Mathee said it was good no one got hurt adding, “Thank God it was peaceful.”

Meanwhile, Ralph Mahekga, a political analyst cites a failing justice system for the build-up to October 16. He said, “The sad part is both groups there are equally victims of the very same system. … [if] it [had] not been for the failing justice system those groups would not be there today.” And, he says the racist tone is “just the paraphernalia of South African politics”.

Meanwhile, 2 suspects murdered a young man

Meanwhile, a family mourns the loss of their son. Additionally, two habituated criminals had their trial hijacked for political grandstanding by the EFF. Furthermore, murder in South Africa remains unacceptably high and her people feel desperate about it.

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