Twitterati Slam COVID-19 Comment About Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

Twitterati Slam COVID-19 Comment About Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

Minister Zweli Mkhize came under fire recently for suggesting that the government takes more draconian control of South Africa even without COVID-19. But, when news came that he and his wife contracted the illness, most of the Twitterati backed off and let him be. In fact, they slammed those who made negative comments about the minister falling sick.

Zweli Mkhize contracts COVID-19

The Daily Maverick reported that “On Friday, the number of coronavirus cases in Africa’s worst affected country surpassed 700,000 since the first case was diagnosed in March.” And they cited a statement where the Health Minister said, that he and his wife self-quarantine. Zweli Mkize also posted the same statement on his Twitter account.

While reactions don’t come in as hateful as many of those that greeted the news that Donald Trump contracted it, a few seemed very negative. And, a lot of people simply don’t like it. After all, across the board, most South Africans admired Zweli’s dedication in the fight against COVD-19. While South Africans chaffed under the lockdowns, they never really went at the minister hammer and tongs.

Social influencer with 4k followers gets slammed for negative comment

When the account of Vuyiswa Ramokgopa, spoke negatively, many people slammed her. Her now-deleted tweet read “When the individual responsible for keeping the entire country Corona-free announces that they have tested positive for COVID-19 it is deeply concerning. Surely it’s either they weren’t following their own advice or their advice doesn’t work?”

Well, lots of people seemed irritated with it. And, many other influencers suggested her take on the whole thing came over as very wrong.  You can see what Twitterati said in the images below:

Twitterati Slam COVID-19 Comments About Health Minister Zweli Mkhize 1


Vuyiswa Ramokgopa graciously apologises and thanks her critics

Well, Vuiswa deleted her tweet and retracted he initial response to the news about the Minister of Health. She said, “I apologize to all who have been offended and fully retract my earlier statement which I will now also delete.” Actually, several people suggested that she do just that. Notably, she also pulled it off rather graciously. Vuyiswa said, “I also thank everyone who has taken the time to engage constructively with me on this online and offline.”

The first tweet about Zweli Mkhize got more than 600 retweets in a matter of hours. And, judging by the rate the apology gets retweeted, that may also trend today. Actually, one person seemed unimpressed. @Na_Maile said, “This is not an apology, no owning up. Justifying nje.” But COVID-19 brings out strong reactions, so possibly more people take it as a genuine gesture.

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