Does Mzwandile Masina Protest Too Much

Does Mzwandile Masina Protest Too Much?

Mzwandile Masina, the current Mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni is also ANC Regional Chairperson for the same area. Apparently, he seems a bit panicky over recent arrests around corruption. Certainly, his reaction seems fast and frantic on social media.

Doest thou protest too much Mzwandile Masina?

Quickly, Mr. Masina took to Twitter to protest along racial lines about corruption investigations. Moreover, he launches an appeal to black people to unite against ongoing arrests. That’s despite the fact that not only white people call for arrests and punishment for misappropriation of funds.
Specifically, Masina says on his @MzwandileMasina account, “Black people must unite, these arrests are targeting abt black professionals and black business. We need to stand up and be counted. Some Whites have been stealing with impunity and they not arrested. It’s now or never.”

Twitterati, by and large, disagrees

Seemingly, South African’s are sceptical and most suggest Masina’s tweet is suspicious in itself. Lokothwayo@LoksDhlamini says, “The move by Zondo’s investigators to go after prominent politicians’ & their associates’ bank accounts has really shaken Mzwandile Masina, man is panicking can’t even hide it.”

Moreover, Masina now defends his statement, calling on South Africans to stop criminalising “black success”. Quickly, responses appear on social media. Obviously, corruption could hardly be termed a  success.”

Masina backs EFF despite being an ANC leader

Furthermore, recent history saw Masina fully backing Julius Malema’s call for a total breakdown of the economy. Interestingly, this statement is not in line with ANC policy. Meanwhile, South African’s are fed up with looters, no matter what colour they are.

With figures topping trillions of rands misspent while voters continue to live lives unchanged, the writing is surely on the wall for the ANC? Indeed, unless more politicians and corrupt officials are jailed before the next municipal election, opposition parties may even pick up a lot of voters.

Cronyistic corruption must end

Clearly, South Africa has been brought to her knees through cronyism corruption. Seemingly, the fightback is beginning and it is uniting all clear-thinking people of every colour and creed. Recently, events in Senekal stirred up along racial lines by right and left-wingers fizzled into a damp squib.
Mostly, South Africans want peace, stability, work, education and health care. Importantly, South Africans want safety for their women and children. And, most South Africans want a level playing field to develop innovation and entrepreneurship without corruption. Furthermore, the country has the resources to provide it and South Africans deserve it. Do you agree?
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