Brendin Horner murder

Brendin Horner Alleged Murderers – One Gets Bail

The magistrate granted bail for one suspect in the Brendin Horner case. According to the Magistrate, the evidence presented against accused number two does not qualify him as a flight risk. Importantly, he cannot allow detainment for the sake of peace in Senekal as it is a form of anticipatory punishment.  Therefore, accused two is on bail of R5000.00.

Accused no one remains in custody

Accused number one is to remain in custody. Firstly, witnesses say he was bragging about his involvement in Horner’s murder. Secondly, he was seen at the scene of the crime. Thirdly, police found bloodied pants in his deep-freezer.  Fourthly, his girlfriend told the police that Accused number one did not stay at home all night.

Additionally, the Magistrate is concerned for the girlfriend. Importantly, by not backing up the accused’s alibi, she may be exposed to influence or danger from the suspect. Continuing, the Magistrate, lamenting the slow state of forensics in SA, urges for the evidential process to be prioritised.

Brendin Horner case – October 16th in Senekal

Protestors storming the building during the first bail hearing of the accused in Horner’s murder delayed proceedings. Subsequently, Afriforum, EFF and farmers converged on the small town on October 16th for the second hearing. Interestingly, the protests were relatively peaceful. Ironically, the EFF, videoed singing a song banned as ‘hate speech’ highlighted the farm murders internationally.

Sadly, Horner is not the only murder victim in South Africa. According to Businesstech, 58 murders per day is the average. Statistically, more men are killed than women. Meanwhile, South Africans, especially women feel vulnerable and unprotected.

Seemingly, robbery is not always the motivator. Sadly, farmers, by the nature of their isolated workplace are susceptible to attack. Undoubtedly, the poor police to person ratio is a factor and many citizens arrange for their own protection. Indeed, private policing is a big industry in South Africa. But, sadly even that is not always effective.

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