Katlego Maboe fans petition for his reinstatement

Katlego Maboe Petition Gains Ground Fast After STD Scandal Firing

Katlego Maboe experienced his wife going public with details of him allegedly giving her STD after cheating on her. The video made it’s way all over the place on social media, including YouTube. Ultimatums and a lot of swearing went on, while Katlego looked suitably chastened. But, while fans don’t condone cheating, they feel OUTsurance took it a step too far when they pulled all adverts with him. And, SABC 3 suspended him over abuse allegations. So, a petition that started now gains a lot of ground fast.

Katlego Maboe problems arise from the bedroom supporters argue

Well, many people feel that the popular young presenter’s wife had other recourse rather than splurging it all over social media. And, they feel that even if he cheated and gave Monique STD, she could always just sort it out in the family. And, any abuse allegations should get channeled elsewhere.

SA Rich and Famous noted that people slammed Katelgo Maboe initially, but when they heard about his job and OUTsurance, Msanzi took it badly. They shared loads of tweets where people stepped up in support of him. And, Lindy KaMahlobo started a petition for him. Actually, it gains ground right now, with over 22k signatories.

Petition for reinstatement

In the petition, Lindy asked, “is he not allowed to have a “personal life?” She added, “I feel this woman took their internal bedroom or home affairs to the outside world of which it doesn’t concern us and it doesn’t concern his work as well.” In a way, she’s right. After all, what takes place in the bedroom shouldn’t carry over into punishment in the workplace. Unless, of course, they engage in a bad crime and end up in jail. Or, so believe those who agree with Lindy.

She also called for the boycott of OUTsurance, much like those on Twitter this Friday. On the petition, Lindy added, “This young man deserves a chance because he was not drunk, abusing any woman or taking drugs in the eyes of the public. And, the wife should find her “healing” elsewhere. Many supporters feel that she acted in a way that left Katlego Maboe in an “unfair” situation at work.

Comments on the petition

In the comments on the petition, people feel that Monique acted in an ugly way. And, some even question if he gave her the alleged STD. One person noted,”He was unfairly dismissed, nje. We don’t care about his private affairs. He must come back to work. This is not gender equality.” And, as one person pointed out, “He cant lose a professional career because of his natural behaviour. People are cheating everyday and still occupy executive positions.”

Interestingly, this petition for Katlego Maboe gains more and more signatories with every passing minute. What are your thoughts about it? Sound off in the comments below. Remember to follow us on Facebook, and subscribe in the box below this article.

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