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Coffee Bar Tamdre Brings A New Local Is Lekker Brand

Tammy and Andre turned into a positive lockdown story. Following their dream, they quit their day jobs to start a coffee shop. Unluckily, just as hard lockdown hit. But, things look a lot brighter for them right now with their Tamdre coffee shop brand.

Tamdre more than coffee promotes local small businesses

Importantly, local is lekker. And, Tammy and Andre took this to heart while rethinking their dream under lockdown. Innovatively, sourcing dairy products, bread and coffee from producers in Tshwane, they offer deliveries of their great products to estates in the Pretoria South area.

Emphasising quality, recycling and service, service, service, this young couple deliver fresh milk in recyclable bottles, bread, and amazing healthy fruit juice.

Tamdre A New Coffee Shop Brand And More - Local is Lekker interior

Tamdre now open – Local is Lekker

Luckily, with lockdown easing, the coffee shop is now open in Route 21 Corporate Office Park. And, their deliveries continue. Currently, concentrating on Midstream, Southdowns, Heritage Hill and Candlewood estates, expansion remains a target over time.

Importantly, Tammy and Andre dream about incorporating their coffee supplier, baker and juice producers into their premises. Ideally, all future Tamdre Coffee Bars probably follow suit. They agree local is lekker and always promote local industry, health and quality. Currently, Tamdre’s employs Barista’s with experience who ended up laid off under COVID-19. Moreover, their enthusiasm and friendliness shine as beacons for the brand.

Fabulously, not content with serving coffee, Tammy and Andre seem always innovative. Luckily, Tammy accumulated enthusiastic relatives with heavenly baking and catering talents. So, new ideas flow.


Variety offered

Additionally, clients may join Tammy’s Whatsapp page and receive a daily update on what’s on offer for lunch. Furthermore, they offer a variety from chicken, bacon and avo salad to fabulous cheeseburgers. Meanwhile, check out their Facebook page for daily goodies and special events, at. Or contact them via Whatsapp +27 72568 1862.

Plus, we recommend their coffee as good enough to persuade anyone to buy a packet for home brewing.

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