South Africans Fear 'Hard Lockdown' In COVID-19 Second Wave

COVID-19 Second Wave – South Africans Mistrust ‘Hard Lockdown’

South Africans voice their concerns about the possibility of a hard lockdown as they face the probability of a second wave of COVID-19. Of course, with previous lockdowns featuring both tobacco and alcohol bans, they worry about a return of those. And, many people already booked their Christmas holidays with the lifting of inter-provincial travel. Others fear for their jobs. Some of them feel it’s way too soon to talk about a hard lockdown as active cases sit way lower than at Level 2.

Hard Lockdown fears rose after KZN Premier talked about COVID-19

eNCA reported that “KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala warns of another hard lockdown if people continue to flout social distancing regulations.” Threatening their Christmas season, he also “warned alcohol sellers to toe the line and obey the law.” Well, South African’s sound unimpressed with his threats. Nobody enjoys the thought of draconian regulations returning.

@PhungasheP commented on Twitter, “l will die going to work. to hell with your second wave shut-down. we have suffered enough government has not helped us. Rentals are needed companies are not paying us because they say they have no money. we not doing this.”

Then, @UrsulaIreneRay1 noted, “Hard lockdown for Christmas? KZN Premier threatens ‘festive shutdown’  Here we go with threats correction here the 2 nd wave will be more infectious but not more deadly. stop talking sh*t Min its not your field of expertise.”

Hefty warning about a second wave of COVID-19 from government

The recovery rate sits at 90,3 percent, which sounds okay. But undeniably, cases start rising again. And, most people anticipated that when the current Lockdown came along, that would happen. The government told people that if they wish for hard lockdowns to go away, their behavior dictates it. And, some people flout social distancing laws.

But, many South Africans simply don’t trust the government, Plenty of suggestions come that they just fearmonger and want more power over the people again. @Proudly012 called it for the folk at the back by saying, ” Second wave will be second round of looting.”

Education campaign better than threats of hard Lockdown

Dr. Zweli Mkhise warned people on Twitter as well. He tweeted, “Although we are in #LockdownLevel1, #COVID19 isn’t gone yet. We must continue to protect ourselves and each other.” That sounds a bit more reasonable than the KZN premier. Some people wonder why they don’t spend money now and go hard on an education campaign. KwaZulu Natal might well experience a problem with people not wearing masks and drinking outside of regulated hours. But, not everyone misbehaves.

Perhaps SANDF should go there now and put out the fire before it starts raging and affects everyone in the country. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts about a possible hard lockdown for COVID-19 in the comments below. Remember to follow us on Facebook and subscribe in the box below this article.

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