COVID-19 Is Not Over South Africa - Complacency Is A Killer (Opinion)

COVID-19 Is Not Over South Africa – Complacency Is A Killer (Opinion)

COVID-19 is not going away with the arrival of summer’s heat in South Africa. Indeed, according to the Ministry of Health, there is a new surge. Moreover, the number of deaths is moving up as 40 more occurred in the last 24 hours alone. Currently, cases in SA rise and 716, 759 people have COVID-19. Meanwhile, according to AFP, worldwide deaths exceed 1,155,301.

COVID-19 is not over South Africa

Seemingly, African’s are not dying at the rate predicted by WHO. Or are they? Confusingly, the high recovery percentage indicates COVID-19 is not as dangerous as predicted. Worryingly, this, coupled with Lockdown levels dropping, is leading to complacency by citizens. Moreover, Professor Glenda Gray, president of the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) says South Africans are fatigued. Importantly, fatigue leads to complacency.

However, of more urgent concern is a report on inexplicable surges in death rates in SA. Moreover, the report released by SAMRC indicates an excess of 46,759 deaths between May 1 and Oct 13, 2020. Medically, are these deaths cases of untested COVID-19? Interestingly, most of the excess deaths (30,804) are people over 60 years.

Complacency is a killer

Recently, two indoor contests were held in Switzerland. Importantly, COVID-19 infections in Switzerland went up immediately. Importantly, at that time, Switzerland did not insist on mask-wearing. Subsequently, mask-wearing in public is now mandatory during the second wave. Clearly, mask-wearing bring some merit in battling the spread of this illness.

Complacency will kill

Importantly, South Africans cannot drop their guard simply because the government is easing lockdown levels. Recently, a Cape nightclub was cited as the source of a breakout amongst high school pupils. Moreover, a police raid on a Sandton nightclub, post the midnight curfew, sparked outrage on Twitter. However, this outrage indicates that fatigue and complacency set in. And, undoubtedly, complacency is a killer in times of COVID-19.

Historically, South Africans relax in summer. Additionally, bikini-wearing with a mask is no one’s idea of fun at the beach. Importantly, social distancing is also harder as citizens relax over braai’s and beer. Unfortunately, the only way to thwart COVID-19 is exactly the opposite of SA summer fun. Ultimately, if citizens fail to be responsible, the government will have no choice but to step in with a harder lockdown once again.

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