Going Green - Bus Company Leads The Way In Cape Town

Going Green – Bus Company Leads The Way In Cape Town

Going green is imperative in the long run, according to scientists. Globally, countries and companies move away from coal and gas produced electricity and fuels. And, a bus company in Cape Town gets particularly innovative in regards to that.

Going Green Bus company in Cape Town

Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS), based in Cape Town is leading the way. Officially, the company is now off the electrical grid. Furthermore, they produce so much electricity, they sell it to the Cape Municipality.

Importantly, Multimech, the holding company of several bus fleets, began installing solar panels on its central engineering complex roof in 2017. Now, only three years later, utilising two 500 solar panels, they generate around 1 200 kWh per annum. Furthermore, the company only uses 45 percent of its power generation, leaving 55 percent available to Cape Town’s grid.

Reduction in costs

Significantly, Mutlimech has reduced the cost of their electricity by 71 percent in just three years. Interestingly, a solar power setup like the one at Multitech can save R80million over a life span of twenty to twenty-five years.

Importantly, the costs of solar installations are coming down world-wide. From Bryanston to Barbados and everywhere in between, people turn to free sunshine to produce energy.

Fossil fuel no longer competitive for electricity generation

Seemingly, fossil fuels are yielding to sunshine. Moreover, public awareness coupled with hybrid and electric vehicles appears to be making inroads on traditional vehicle fuels.

China uses solar to uplift the poor

China sees solar power as a way to mix agriculture with solar electricity production. Moreover, the installations on agricultural property offer farmers an alternative source of income.

South Africa has plenty of sunshine

On average, South Africa boasts over 2,500 hours of sunshine every year. Additionally, an area such as The Karoo, a sparsely populated, arid semi-desert, is ideal for sunshine farms. Ideally, the South African government should actively pursue this option rather than any other energy source.

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