Eco Children Sewing Seeds Of Change In South Africa

Eco Children Sewing Seeds Of Change In South Africa

Eco Children is an NGO based in Hoedspruit, South Africa. If you don’t know, Hoedspruit is a small town right on the border of the world-famous Kruger National Park. Subsequently, the word ‘Eco’ in the name reflects the NGO’s drive not only to support children but to ensure ecological education flourishes amongst them.

Eco Children seeding change

South African schools operate with compulsory uniforms. Certainly, there are pros and cons to uniforms. Undoubtedly, uniforms should cross social divisions and provide pride in oneself and by extension, the school. Sadly, affordability is one of the cons. Particularly, in rural South Africa, affordability is an ongoing problem. Specifically, one of Eco Children’s projects takes aim at this problem and they raise money to help children afford school uniforms. Moreover, the NGO says children with neat, smart uniforms feel immediate pride and exhibit more enthusiasm for going to school.

Additionally, according to CEO Corné Havenga, their Kit-a- Kid program is making a difference. Recently, speaking to The Letaba Herald, she said, “I have seen how something as simple as a school uniform has given a child the confidence to focus on their work and improve their academic performance. The pride these children take in their appearance when wearing their new uniform is mirrored in their work and every year I am astounded at how deep the impact is of this simple initiative.” Plus, “it truly can change a child’s life,” she said.


The kit-a-Kid project targets 5000

Interestingly, the Kit-a-Kid project hopes to have assisted 5,000 children with school uniforms before the end of this year. However, their work does not stop there. Importantly, the NGO assists schools with other projects targeting sustainability, respect for the environment and conservation.

Importantly, they establish Eco classrooms, to provide a bright and pleasant learning environment. Additionally, Eco gardens teach vegetable growing and health. Moreover, they run holiday workshops teaching conservation.

Eco Children plant seeds of conservation and sustainability ideals in rural children. Moreover, these children may well grow up to be guardians of South Africa’s wild heritage. Want to find out more? Take a look at their website, as every little bit helps make a difference.

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