John Steenhuisen

John Steenhuisen & Mbali Ntuli Acknowledge Problems In The DA

John Steenhuisen and Mbali Ntuli both acknowledged the problems faced by the party over the past year, with each of them offering their own leadership vision.

By Des Erasmus

The post ‘Battle-tested’ vs ‘kind and fair’ — DA candidates’ last push appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

Democratic Alliance interim leader John Steenhuisen told the 2 039 delegates at the party’s virtual federal congress on Saturday that being “battle-tested” made him the right person to lead the official opposition away from its recent turbulent past.

“I am battle-tested, and I am ready to lead you in the fight to save our beautiful country,” said Steenhuisen.

“It will be the fight of our lives, but together we can win it, and together, we can march towards that new horizon of hope that beckons for our party and our country.”

Touted as a shoo-in for the leadership position by his large support base, 44-year-old Steenhuisen made the remarks during his five-minute pre-vote speech, after those made by KwaZulu-Natal member of the legislature Mbali Ntuli.

Although Ntuli does not have the following or experience of former national whip Steenhuisen, she has been active in the party for 14 years and is considered an asset, despite some members having severely criticised her for airing the DA’s internal disagreements in the public domain.

She has also found favour with the country’s media, with some commentators describing her as an alternative to Steenhuisen’s mostly strict liberal approach to policy and racial redress…

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The post ‘Battle-tested’ vs ‘kind and fair’ — DA candidates’ last push appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.

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