Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery - Bryanston - Need A Treat

Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery – Bryanston – Need A Treat?

Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery in Bryanston has a treat in store for you. Actually, the fresh almond filled croissants make the drive worthwhile, no matter where you are coming from. Additionally, there is a lot more to try, test and taste in Jackson’s Real Food Store than their spectacular croissants. Warning, Sunday morning is busy at Jackson’s. Naturally, situated at number 300 Bryanston Drive, Sandton, it provides easy parking and an open-air balcony for socially-distanced coffee with friends. Notably, it seemed that everyone went there.

Treats at Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery

Conveniently. entry to the eatery is via the market itself. And, entering, brings a visual treat of colour and variety with something for everyone’s taste and diet. Interestingly, even the hand sanitiser at the door is eco-friendly with a base of tea tree oil.

And, yes, you can buy it in the market. Wandering, the eye is drawn to fresh milk sold in glass bottles, an array of cheeses, homemade granola and range-fed beef and chicken. Interestingly, Wagu Beef is available too. Additionally, gluten-free goodies, keto goodies, vegan and vegetarian goodies are all for sale.


Definitely, this is not just a fresh vegetable market. Furthermore, the variety includes chocolate flavoured collagen drink powder. Really, what more could any house manager ask for?  Additionally, once the shopping is done, the Eatery beckons through a wafting aroma of coffee. And, unless you have Uber Eats on speed dial, do not read the menu below, especially if you feel hungry.

The Eatery

Annoyingly, everything on the menu looks great. So, making a decision presents some difficulty. Luckily, the complimentary water, with a choice of plain or sparkling negates the need for hasty choices. Eventually, tossing a coin settled the order for one Nutty Professor and one Salmon with bacon and avo sandwich.

Deliciously, the Nutty Professor comprised of full cream yoghurt and wonderful keto homemade granola with fresh fruit proved an excellent choice. Likewise, the salmon with a delicate piquant edge necessitated the introduction of a strict sharing protocol.

Finally, the ultimate indulgence arrived. Importantly, three freshly baked almond croissants, lightly filled with marzipan. “Heavenly,” fails to do them justice. Moreover, Uber Eats and 1Fetch assist in delivery for all of the delights found at Jackson’s Real Food & Eatery.

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