Pastor Mboro Meets His Match In Nandos

Pastor Mboro Meets His Match In Nandos

Pastor Mboro is one of the whistleblowers in the Bushiri case currently undergoing bail hearings in Pretoria. Importantly, the Bushiri bail hearing remains ongoing. Apparently, it will continue on Wednesday. Therefore, the Bushiri couple will spend another night in jail. Furthermore, Pastor Mboro insists the Bushiri’s are criminals who steal from the poor. Meanwhile, Pastor Mboro, attending the hearings, struggled to buy himself a Nando’s lunch recently. Clearly, Pastor Bushiri’s influence is everywhere.

Pastor Mboro is in town for the trial

Pastor Mboro claims he underwent a profound spiritual battle prior to laying charges against Bushiri. Moreover, he claims his attempts to discuss the accusations against the Bushiris with the couple failed. Pastor Bushiri and his wife Mary face charges of fraud, theft, and money laundering to the value of over R100 million.

Recently, in an interview with eNCA, Pastor Mboro insists he is not a rogue and fake pastor of the same ilk as the Bushiri’s. Previously, journalistic investigations into the Bushiri’s failed at every turn. Interestingly, as far back as 2019, City Press Journalist Ntombizodwa Makhoba tried to investigate Bushiri’s origins.

But, Malawi deported her the minute her inquiries began. Currently, there is a case around the matter based on her investigations into fake prophets. Interestingly, Botswana banned Bushiri and his wife from entering the country. Strangely, they claim to hold South African Permanent Residence.

South African Residence incorrectly issued

Importantly, according to a document released by the South African Legal Information Institute, the Bushiri’s permanent residence is incorrect. Specifically, item 9 states, “The current notice was issued on 2 August 2020 and served on the applicant and his wife on 3 August 2020. Its content is based on the evidence of two DHA officials: Ms Reyncke and Mr Mahlangu.

The gist of the evidence is that they contend that the applicant’s applications for Permanent Residence (PR) status were captured and granted by DHA officials in terms of an incorrect section of the Act which occurred as a result of certain commissions or omissions on the applicant and his wife’s part[3].”

Followers, turn out in droves to pray for their beloved Pastor Bushiri. Clearly, he offers people hope, regardless of what congregants have to pay for that blessing. However, the court proceedings continue based on evidential facts, not prayers.

Hopefully, Pastor Mboro will find a restaurant of non Bushiri fans for his lunch tomorrow.

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