South African Street Child To Master Of Economics - Acts Of Kindness

South African Street Child To Master Of Economics – Acts Of Kindness

South African street children live a tough life. But, one of them ended up a good news story. And, it started with an act of kindness. Recently, Declek Khwazi Magubane graduated with his Master’s degree in Economics. But once upon a bad time, he was just another struggling street child in Pietermartizburg.

South African street child graduates in Economics

The good news story in a bad year full of fear and the coronavirus sounds very refreshingCapital Newspapers reported about the act of kindness that took Declek Khwazi Magubane off the street. Not only off the street, but through school, through his BA in Economics and International Studies, and on to his Master’s degree. And, that achievement started with an act of kindness, followed by his own determination.

The outlet noted that Magubane ended up as a street child in the city after he left home at the age of 14. And, he claimed the abuse at home made living in the streets preferable. But, he admits it’s not easy or ideal for a child on the streets. However, he explained, “After a year on the streets, begging at robots, puffing on glue to numb myself and hustling to survive, I took a decision to get off the streets.”

People encouraged Magubane regarding his studies

Luckily for Magubane, while he roamed the streets, he encountered people who encouraged him to go back to school. And, he describes how, one day, an act of kindness got him back on track. He ran into Zinhle Hadebe who donated some small change to him, spoke to him about his studies, and gave him cash so he could call her.

Fortunately, the same day, the South African street child also ran into an old school teacher, Zandi Zaca. Zinhle promised she’d meet him in three days’ time. And, she kept her promise. Meanwhile, Zandi helped Magubane clean up and helped him dress nicely for the meetup. From there, he “never looked back.”

Economics a natural field for a street child

Street children live in terrible poverty. So, naturally, the concept of economics attracted Magubane. Incredibly, “he completed his BA in Economics and International Studies.” Not content with that, he then “[obtained his BCom Honours, coming top of his class in his honours dissertation.” And now, he “obtained his MCom in Economics, achieving Cum Laude.”

Perhaps, without the kindness of Zinhle Hadebe, his determination may have seen him through. But, that day he ran into his school teacher and Zinhle probably turned his life around beyond his wildest dreams at the time. Isn’t it wonderful to know that kindness counts for so much? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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