Twitterati Appeal For Help To Free Zimbabwean Hopewell Chin'ono

Twitterati Appeal For Help To Free Zimbabwean Hopewell Chin’ono

Hopewell Chin’ono is in jail in Zimbabwe. And, his crime is posting articles criticising Zimbabwe’s government. Frustrated, Twitterati appeal to ANC’s Cyril Rampahosa to assist in forcing a change in President Mnangagwa’s regime. However, Zimbabwe is a sovereign state meaning, only Zimbabweans can force change in their land. Furthermore, people outside of Zimbabwe wonder why Zimbabweans don’t change their government.

Zimbabwe is a sovereign state- good or bad

Whilst protest in South Africa is a legal and legitimate human right, it is not in Zimbabwe. Recently, people protesting for better treatment in Zimbabwe were arrested. Notably, Booker Prize nominee Tsitsi Dangarembga was amongst those jailed. Seemingly, any sign of Zimbabweans voicing unhappiness against the government is quickly, sometimes brutally, shut down.

South Africans are deeply concerned. Clearly, life in Zimbabwe is hard. Currently, Zimbabwean refugees pour through South Africa’s leaky border. Additionally, South Africa’s unemployed nationals insist these refugees take jobs away from them. Recently, Mmusi Maimane, former DA leader, tweeted an appeal to the ANC government to intervene after the recent second arrest of Hopewell Chin’ono. However as Zimbabwe is a sovereign state, South Africa has no right to intervene.

Foreign nations are concerned

Importantly, proposed legislation in Zimbabwe outlaws locals approaching or speaking to foreign ambassadors or consuls. However, the United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Harare is quick to express her concern.

What is to be done?

Currently, millions of Zimbabweans live abroad. Sadly, only these people, the educated and financially better off Zimbabweans can make a difference. Firstly, by stopping the monthly remittances to family thus preventing income of foreign currency. Secondly, to ensure they are eligible to vote against the current government and go home for elections. Only Zimbabweans can change their government.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans rely on the brave few to voice their concerns. Furthermore, the treatment meted out to the brave gives rise to terror. Importantly, the war for freedom from colonialism was financed by China and Russia. Since then, China continues to take the mineral wealth, backed by ZANU-PF. Consequently, the only option is to go home and vote in the next election. After all, there is not enough jail space for everyone.

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